Dr. Ed Roels

E-Professor – Theology

Dr. Ed Roels has written outstanding material, and much of it is being used at Christian Leaders Institute. He has a long ministry and ministry training career that spans five decades. Dr. Roels was educated at Calvin College, Calvin Seminary and the Free University of Amsterdam (Th.D.). At these schools and institutions of learning, Dr. Roels developed his Biblical and academic voice.

E-Professor Dr. Ed Roels Vocational Activities

Teaching Bible and Theology at Calvin College and Trinity Christian College (Palos Heights, IL)
Pastor of Christian Reformed churches in Illinois and Minnesota
Civilian Chaplain for U.S. servicemen in Seoul, Korea
Director of Africa Programs for the Bible League
Writer for the Bible League and Crossroad Bible Institute
President of Reformed Bible College
Occasional Teaching in India and Myanmar
E-Professor at Christian Leaders Institute
Dr. Ed Roels joined the faculty of Christian Leaders Institute in 2012. His book Christian Basics is a critical part of the Getting Started Class. The Getting Started Class includes thousands of students from over 150 nations. Students have commented that this book clearly and distinctly sums up thousands of pages of scripture passages and clearly spells out the essence of the Christian Basics that have been passed down through history. With the Bible as his base, Dr. Roels expertly brings students through topics such as God, the Trinity, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, Death, the Second Coming and much more.