Dennis Evan Requizo

Dear Donors/Sponsors,


I, Dennis Evan Requizo from philippines believed that i am called by God to preach His word to the lost. Ministiring her in the philippines is quiet easy because this is an open country. A great task but it is also my great previledge to be a servant of His word. I came to know our Lord because of the foriegn missionaries that have the burden and passion to introduce JESUS to our home. To make things more clear I decided to enroll in a bible school but i was not able to finished due to my financial obligations to my family, out of 3 years ived got 1 and half year. I am dreaming to be a great evangelist in the islands of philippines and a church planter and build a solar powered churches in the islands that dont have electrcity. Having a schoolarship at CLI to my ministry dream  is important because it can add biblical knowledge on how to be a great evangelist and a succesfull church planter. As a married man it is very hard for me to quit my job and finish my bible school. As an answer of my prayer God showed me this CLI so i can pursue His calling to serve. Now i can still study His word even if i will not quit my job. Help me to pray  that this burden of mine will come through by Gods grace. I know that to serve the most high God is not a joke or playing around. Help me pray for confidence and boldness to share the GOSPEL and guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT and His anointing. May GOD use us in a mighty way .

May God’s favor be upon us. GOD BLESS!!!