Clinical Pastoral
Education Partnership

CLI is excited to announce a partnership between our institution and Christian Chaplains & Coaching (CC&C) that brings an outstanding opportunity for students interested in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). This collaboration is designed to enrich our academic offerings and provide students with a path to gain practical experience and academic credit in pastoral education. Here’s what this partnership means for you:

Educational Pathway

CC&C is recognized as the approved provider for CPE instruction and clinical placements. This exclusive relationship allows students to access a comprehensive education consisting of 100 hours of classroom instruction and 300 clinical hours per semester in approved settings such as hospitals, hospices, and various community services. With CC&C’s guidance, students can fulfill their clinical hours in multiple approved locations, often aligning with existing ministry work.

Biblically Rooted

CC&C stands out by offering a CPE curriculum grounded in a Biblical Christian worldview, making it a singular choice for students seeking education aligned with Biblical beliefs. 

Expert Instructors

CC&C guarantees that all CPE instructors are highly qualified, holding a minimum of a master’s degree and certification in chaplaincy. This ensures that students receive education and guidance from professionals with deep expertise and dedication to pastoral care.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Christian Chaplains & Coaching

Non-refundable Application Fee: $25

Due at the time of submitting this application.

Christian Chaplains & Coaching

Campus and Coaching Fee: $300

Due at the time of acceptance into the CPE program.

Clinical Pastoral Education Internation (CPEI)

Non-refundable Enrollment Fee (per course): $75

Tuition (per course): $1199

Due two (2) weeks before the start of the course term/semester.


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