If you’re Copper Vision Partner you are in the right place!

(This page is only for Copper Vision Partners if you are not a Copper Vision Partner and would like to become one to have access to these degree discounts click here.) 

Copper Vision Partners TY Reward Amount – $150

Reward Amount: $150 for each Degree

  • College Admissions Application Fee of $75
  • Associate Degree: $1,500 – $150 = $1,350
  • Bachelor Degree: $1,500 – $150 = $1,350

Choose what payment option works best for you! 

If you are transferring an Associate Degree you will need to pay the transfer administration fee of $250.

You Must Pay In Full or Set Up Your First Payment To Begin The Bachelor of Divinity Degree Program!

Send Check To:

Christian Leaders Institute

17771 West Spring Lake Road

Spring Lake, Michigan 49456

United States of America