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Generosity Driven Ministry Training Model

Christian Leaders Institute brings the world free ministry training courses through the generosity driven ministry training model online. So many do not have the means to take formal ministry training, but these free ministry classes offer opportunities for study.

While foundations, individuals, and churches have supported this generosity driven education model, students and graduates are participating in “giving it forward.” When students give it forward as vision partners, they take an important role in keeping Chrisitan Leaders Institute, free, available, effective and sustainable. 

Generosity Driven Ministry Training Model  – CLI Is Free

Give-It-Forward keeps CLI classes free. Christian Leaders Institute is a ministry that has a high-quality school for formal training. Our ministry goal is to raise up revival leaders everywhere, especially with local leaders who may never get paid a salary. We call these leaders bi-vocational leaders. Throughout the world, 92 percent of people do not have access to high-quality higher education because they cannot afford to acquire it. CLI can help change that, for those called into ministry. No more student debt. No more putting a calling on hold. Instead, new opportunities for preparation!

Generosity Driven Ministry Training Model – CLI Is Available

Give-It-Forward makes Christian Leaders Institute available. Over 200 credits of quality instruction are available and accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers via the Internet. Students are studying at CLI from over 160 countries in English. CLI is being made available in French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. The classes are beamed to students in their local settings. These students connect with local mentors to participate in bringing local revivals everywhere.

Generosity Driven Ministry Training Model – CLI Is Effective

Give-It-Forward helps Christian Leaders Institute be effective in bringing students some of the best ministry training. Just because the classes are free, does not mean they are substandard. Give-it-Forward participation as a Vision Partner allows CLI to develop even more classes and more programs to serve revival leaders. We have also found that when a student gives, their studies also improve.

Generosity Driven Ministry Training Model – CLI Is Sustainable

Give-It-Forward also makes the Christian Leaders Institute sustainable. Many complain about the high cost of education, CLI must not only succeed, but it must thrive if future generations and more people are to be reached. While students enjoy the high-quality training, someone before them gave it forward for them. This generosity driven ministry training model ultimately will be sustainable when current students and graduates give it forward for the future generations of more students and graduates.  Outside giving will be poured into supporting even more languages and classes.

What is Your Vision to Change the World? 

Is this your vision? Do you want to raise up more revival leaders in the future? Many simply have no extra money, and they finally can get an opportunity to complete training. Maybe you want to participate as a Vision Partner on a monthly level? Each month, CLI will serve you and your desire to keep this opportunity free, available, effective and sustainable. You have taken some training at CLI. Do you want to share this training with others? By Giving It Forward, you are raising up revival leaders!

Join the Vision Partners Program.

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We recognize your commitment to bring free ministry training everywhere. Join the Vision Partner Club at the level of your choice and enjoy the benefits.