Christian Leaders Admissions

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Christian Leaders NFP, Admission Process
At Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders College

Christian Leaders NFP, commonly known as Christian Leaders Ministries, offers online correspondence higher education awards at Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders College. 

Christian Leaders Institute offers religious higher-education classes free of charge and free digital credentials in award areas. These awards areas include Apprentice, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Mission Credentials.

Christian Leaders College offers collegiate credentials including certificates, diplomas and undergraduate degrees. 


The Process of Enrollment and Admission to both the Institute and the College


1. Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute. Your online correspondence study classes are free. 

Your classes are free and you can begin studying after you enroll and complete the Orientation class. This class will take you under 2 hours to complete. 

Classes are funded by the donations of student vision partners and other Christian Vision Partners. This approach to funding makes all classes free and allows CLI to offer college-level courses free for Christian Leaders everywhere. CLI offers this education for the possibility of reaching millions.

2. Your free study is recognized with Digital Mission Credentials At Christian Leaders Institute. Low Fees Apply for Embossed Physical Awards. 

Your study will be recognized through receiving Digital Mission Credentials which can be seen on your profile at the global directory.

Mission refers to the mission of Christian Leaders Institute to offer free correstondence ministry training classes. Credentials refers to the recognition of completed courses of study. This recognition will be featured on the Global Directory in a digital format. Students can opt of this directory if they contact Helpdesk. 

Digital Mission Credentials are recognized by many local churches, local ministries, and the Christian Leaders Alliance, which make ordination available to qualified Christian Leaders Institute students and graduates.

3. Your free correspondence study can be recognized with Collegiate Credentials at Christian Leaders College. Low Fees Apply 

You may want or need Collegiate Credentials. Christian Leaders College will guide your study to comply with the standardized practices of other colleges. Christian Leaders College is planning to apply for United States Department of Education Recongized accreditation as a Online Correstondence College. We are working with the ABHE of Orlando, Florida. Our application will be submitted on September 15, 2019. We will be applying as a correspondence college.

Christian Leaders College offers several Collegiate program options for you. Click here to check them out.

This Christian Leaders College bachelor degree is accepted according to each school’s individual acceptance guidelines at places like Calvin Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary, and Northern Baptist Seminary.

Ohio Christian University (OHU) now accepts CLI students who complete their bachelor degree at Christian Leaders College.  Ohio Christian University is fully accredited and has evaluated our program and will recognize Christian Leaders College graduates who meet the academic requirements of Ohio Christian University. OHU has Master programs in Leadership, Business and Ministry.  

Transfer Policy



A student desiring to transfer from another college must first complete the Getting Started ordientation class, the Christian Leaders Connection class, and the Collegiate Credentials Class. After completing the Collegiagte Credential class, student are offically enrolled in the Christian Leaders College. may just begin the Getting Started Scholar orientation class. After you enroll in the Christian Leaders College, you can transfer credits. 

Christian Leaders College will accept classes from college, if our registrar can verify that the previous college(s) attended are providers of quality higher education. Christian Leaders College will also receive college-level examinations such as CLEP.

Request your transcript be sent in a sealed envelope to:

Christian Leaders College Transcript Service
Attn: Brianna Prince, Registrar
17771 West Spring Lake Rd
Spring Lake, Michigan  49456

Or the educational institution can email your transcripts directly to


Christian Leaders College will review all credits from acceptable schools and will transfer in as many as are comparable to our programs. The tuition-free credits earned at Christian Leaders Institute or Christian Leaders College and transferred to another school are done so at the discretion of the receiving school. There is no guarantee that Christian Leaders Institute or Christian Leaders College will accept transfer credits from other schools, nor is there any guarantee that other schools will accept transfer credits earned at Christian Leaders College. The student should contact each school of interest regarding that school’s policy of transferring credits. Christian Leaders College is developing relationships with other colleges and seminaries willing to recognize Christian Leaders College graduates and coursework for transfer and admission purposes.

Online Ministry Training Admission Policy Disclosures

Withdrawal Policy: Fees/Donations for Awards and Administration are not refundable.

See the Terms and Conditions of enrollment that explains the many Christian Leaders, NFP (Christian Leaders Ministries, new name sometime in 2019) policies including such things as cheating, plagiarism, appeals, privacy policy and conflict resolution. These policies apply to the Christian Leaders Institute and the Christian Leaders College. 

Accreditation Disclosures

Christian Leaders Institute grants religious Collegitate credential awards before 2019. After January 1, 2019 Christian Leaders Institute only grants mission credentials, which can be used for Ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. 

Christian Leaders College grants certificates, diplomas, and degrees after January 1, 2019. 

Christian Leaders Institute or Christian Leaders College is currently not accredited by any US Department of Education recognized accrediting organization at this time. For the College, we are steadily complying to the 22 standards of a USDE recognized accredited college.

Christian Leaders Ministries is in the early stages of applying for US Department of Education Accreditation that recognied Accreditation will be centered at the College which is located in Clearwater, Florida. 

Currently, Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders College academic programs are recognized by several organizations, such as the Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries,  ACEA and a growing list of other schools.

Many U.S. Department of Education recognized accredited schools accept CLI graduates on their individual acceptance policies. Here are three examples of school that accept CLI Bachelor of Divinity Degree graduates.

Ohio Christian University, an accredited Christian university will receive all Christian Leader College bachelor degree graduates into their Master Programs who meet OCU’s requirements for admissions. An formal agreement has ben put in place. 

Christian Leaders Institute has graduates in all fifty states and over 170 other countries in the world.