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Church History Professor
Dr. David Feddes - Professor Of CLI Church History Course
Ph.D. in missions and intercultural studies from Trinity International University, Pastor, and Provost Of Christian Leaders Institute​

Church History Course Overview:

The Church History course looks at major events, key persons, and important trends in the history of the Christian church. Such study helps us to see God's faithfulness in the past and to understand the church's present challenges and opportunities.

In The Church History Course You will Learn and Grow in the Following Topics:

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There are thousands of topics and conversations revolving around Church History. At Christian Leaders Institute, you can study in-depth Church History and learn throughout a 12-unit free online Christian class. Christian Leaders Institute offers over 90+ classes within a variety of ministry roles and topics that will work to train and equip you in the calling that God has placed in your life. Start studying Church History for free today and join over 240,000 enrolled students at CLI.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the Church History class and was able to learn a great deal that will help me in galvanizing my own views based on the historical arguments of the early church fathers. I loved how in-depth it went about the history of the Christian Church, I think this is one of the best classes that I have had at CLI or at least one that I have learned the most so far."
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Jason Woytek
CLI Graduate


Question 1: Are There Any Hidden Fees?

No, there are no hidden fees at all! In other words, It is and always will be 100% free to complete classes at CLI. We currently offer over 90 online courses that you can take to equip you in your calling. There is no credit information needed or any hidden fees to create your CLI Student account and enroll in any course.

Question 2: How Is This Church History Class Free?

At Christian Leaders Institute, we offer a unique generosity-driven model, as a result, we can fund our courses and program through optional donations made by students and businesses who support us. ​

Question 3: What Costs Money At CLI?

There are a few options that can cost money at CLI. Firstly, if you choose to donate and become a Vision Partner Student you can opt-in for a monthly or one-time contribution towards our program. Becoming a Vision Partner includes numerous benefits, including discounts, free merchandise, and more! Secondly, purchasing merchandise is another option that can cost money at CLI, we offer various merchandise that can be purchased through our online store. In addition, transferring in the CLI's Leadership Excellence School costs money if you are interested in earning collegiate credentials. The last optional charge is if you wish to purchase a credential that you have earned and have a staff member emboss it and send it to your address. To clarify, our main goal for any option that costs money is to make them cost as low as possible. To view these prices you can click here

Question 4: What Credentials Do You Offer?

We offer various credentials in a variety of ministry roles, including awards, certificates, ordinations, diplomas, and degrees.

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Our program is set up like an online classroom. For example, each of our courses is filled with reading, and written material as well as quizzes at the end of each section that will test you on your knowledge of each lesson. After you create a free student account at CLI, you will be able to start enrolling yourself into free courses that interest you the most. We offer over 90 online courses to choose from. Once you enroll in a class, you can move at your own pace and can complete the course from 1-180 days. Furthermore, if you are working towards a specific credential, you will be able to view what courses you need to complete to earn the credential. Then, after you earn a credential, you can choose to order a physical copy of it and have it sent right to your doorstep.

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Church History is a fundamental topic that every Christian should have a deep understanding of. However, not everyone will take the time to learn it. Challenge yourself by signing up for a free online Church History Course. This is a 12-unit in-depth course that will grow you in both your faith and knowledge of Church History. Create a free student account today and start studying!