Christian Leaders Training Highway

Christian Leaders Training Highway is a high-tech Internet Appian Way. The early apostles walked the Appian Way to bring the Christian message to the Roman Empire. Edward Ahn commented in his world history class, that the Appian Way “helped spread Christianity quickly. Missionaries would travel and disperse along these roads to proselytize the new religion. It was an effective way to communicate because it was easy to get to a major village using one road, instead of having to cross obstacles in the path.”

Christian Leaders Institute has built a generosity-driven Christian Leaders Training Highway to be shared with others to reach every part of the world. Dr. Criag VanGelder, a Leading missiologist commented that CLI is bringing transformative, quality, free and accessible curriculum on their Christian Leaders Training Highway worldwide.

This Christian Leaders Training Highway is a high-capacity virtual platform for the connecting of quality Biblical training for the cultivation of Christian leaders starting at faith formation and continuing to advanced education including certificates, diplomas, and degrees that recognize their training efforts.

We ask you to take the APPIAN DRIVE on the Christian Leaders Training Highway! You will notice the many features that will help spread Christianity quickly.

Christian Leaders Training Highway

A – Available

The first feature of the Christian Leaders Training Highway is that the classes are free. This makes all the Christian Leaders education available. Right now Christian Leaders Institute includes graduates in over 160 nations. Since the training is free, all someone needs to do is have a smartphone, tablet, or a computer with an Internet connection. This opens the door for training.

P – Partnering

Christian Leaders Institute features partnerships. CLI partners with training partners including professors and organizations who have materials of interest to the development of Christian Leaders. The partners develop content on the Highway or the partners may be located at off-ramp locations. Off-ramp locations are next steps for Christian leaders. The next steps could be ministry opportunities or further educational opportunities not offered on the Christian Leaders Training Highway

P – Practical Skills and Ordination

The training on the Christian Leaders Training Highway is designed for the local Christian leaders. New students are strongly encouraged to recruit a mentor in their training journey. The awards are incrementally connected to the skills needed. The ordination programs are directly connected to specific ministry opportunity. Ordained local leaders are ordained as local clergy in the order of diaconate service and included in the Christian Leaders Alliance directory. Local church leaders may upgrade any ordination to the order of Elder service if they so desire.

I – Intermodal

Another Feature of the Christian Leaders Training Highway is that it is increasingly becoming Intermodal. In the transportation industry, Intermodal means pursuing more than one means of transportation. The Christian Leaders Training Highway pursues more than one type of transportation. CLI features the largest and most robust educational platform of Moodle. Our high-tech department has designed two types of Moodle Christian Leaders Training vehicles. The largest one transports the CLI curriculum to over 160 nations.  Another Moodle vehicle is being designed for house churches. Christian Leaders uses other platforms for training. There is also a Facebook-like community called the Christian Leaders Network. The network is for people who are walking or running on the Christian Leaders Training Highway for real-time interaction with others who are also on the highway.

A – Accessible

The Christian Leaders Training Highway brings some accessibility features to the development of Christian Leaders. This highway is the highway responsive. This means that all training and interaction will work natively on any device. The digital campus uses App native technology which features a digital campus and education desk that guides students on their Biblical education journey.

N – Notable

Christian Leaders Training Highway feature audience appropriate quality training. The content placed on the network not only adheres to the Christian Leaders Institute Statement of faith but must also be considered credible. Just like transportation companies must make sure all their trucks comply with certain regulations, the CLI staff seeks to make sure that our training meets with rigorous but fair quality assurances. The curriculum at Christian Leaders Institute is accredited right now by the IABCS. CLI is also seeking more accreditation options.

D – generosity-Driven

Christian Leaders Institute created the Christian Leaders Training Highway connecting to those who want to see this highway built. These generous donors and investors desire to see Christian Leaders Institute training everywhere. We call those donors and investors the vision partners. It is interesting to note that over 1/3 of the CLI budget is supplied by student vision partners who support CLI. Kingdom vision partners have been investing in CLI since 2001 to keep class content free. Participants on the Christian Leaders Training Highway are encouraged to participate in helping in the raising of funds for the sustainable support of the training highway. Become a Vision Partner. Students who become student vision partners will enjoy some benefits.

R – Reproducible

Christian Leaders Training Highway features ways for sharing more training in local settings. Local mentor centers can be developed. Local house churches or small groups can be created. Graduates also have local ordination options which allow them to have more opportunities for ministry and reproducing ministry in others. Ministry partners can speak into the lives of students and graduates to help them bring Christian culture to their local communities.

I – Inclusive

Anyone is welcome to join Christian Leaders Institute. Though the teachings are guided by a statement of faith, anyone can set up an account. This opportunity for Christian engagement opens the door for those who want to explore going deeper in their Christian Leaders journey. People who participate will agree to terms and conditions. Many people who find this opportunity have been exploring Christianity. After joining and learning the Christian Basics, they are open to more growth. A number of them go on to become Christian Leaders who make local impacts.

V – Verifiable

A very important feature of the Christian Leaders Training Highway is that we have extensive tools for tracking. This tracking includes the grading of assignments and quizzes. This tracking includes award giving and progress tracking. This tracking can be used by partners to report ministry results. Every graduate is accounted for and can be looked up at the Christian Leaders Directory.

E – Enterprising

The need for many in our world right now is for bi-vocational sustainability. This is a feature of the Christian Leaders Training Highway because more and more Christian Leaders will be like the Apostle Paul who was a tent maker. Christian Leaders Institute is developing a strong enterprise curriculum that helps local Christian Leaders provide for their families and participate as vision partners for others.