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Christian Leaders Institute empowers you with Mission Credentials that prepare you and give you confidence for bringing renewal and revival into our world. Find out more by clicking on the following areas:

These classes are free to you because they are made available through the generosity-driven model of education. Students, Graduates, Individuals, and Foundations fund the creation of new high-quality classes. So lack of money will not get in the way of your empowerment to minister!

Important Christian Leaders Ministries Campus Credential Links

Christian Leaders Institute Apprentice Awards (3-19  Credits)

Christian Leaders Institute Basic Awards (20-29 Credits)

Christian Leaders Institute Intermediate Awards (31-59 Credits)

Christian Leaders Institute Advanced Awards (60-130 Credits)

Christian Leaders College Certificates (30-60 Collegiate Credential Credits)

Christian Leaders College Diplomas (60-119 Collegiate Credential Credits)

Christian Leaders College Degrees (120-above Collegiate Credential Credits)

Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance