Divinity Degrees

Are you called to bring revival to your community and to the world?

Do you want the confidence the Divinity Degree offers? This degree is perfect for continued theological studies. Seminaries like Calvin Theological Seminary will require you take Biblical Greek I, Biblical Greek II, and Biblical Greek III.

The Divinity Degree is designed to be our most theological and academic ministry degree. If you complete this degree, you succeeded at a great challenge. This is an intellectually rigorous study. And these degrees can be connected to ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Those who complete this Bachelor Degree will be able to apply for Masters studies at Calvin Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary and Northern Seminary, under each seminaries’ individual application guidelines.

Your classes at CLI are free. To become enrolled in the Degree Program, you must set up an administrative fee. These fees are necessary to administer the official accreditation and compliance function of your academic completion. Currently, the cost for the Associate Degree in developed nations is $1,000 (payment plans are available). The cost of the Bachelor Degree is $1,000 (payment plans are available). Currently, there are options for developing nations to pay a smaller administrative fee amount. See our current fee schedule. Click Here. 

Check out our Course descriptions here. 

Associate of Divinity Degree (62-64 Credits)

General Education Courses (35-37 credits)

  • English Comprehension (4 credits) OR Advanced English Writing and Comprehension (4 credits) OR English-Transfer (3 credits)
  • Old Testament Literature, History, and Theology (3 credits) OR Literature-Transfer (3 credits)
  • Basic Writing (2 credits)
  • World History (3 credits) OR World History-Transfer (3 credits)
  • Communications 101 (3 credits) OR US History (3 credits) OR National History-Transfer (3 credits) OR Communications-Transfer (3 credits)
  • Ministry Mathematics (3 credits) OR College Algebra (3 credits) OR College Mathematics-Transfer (3 credits)
  • Astronomy (3 credits) OR Introduction to Biology (3 credits) OR Science-Transfer (3 credits)
  • Philosophy 101 (3 credits) OR Philosophy-Transfer (3 credits) OR Humanities 101 (3 credits) OR Humanities-Transfer (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Psychology (3 credits) OR Introduction to Sociology (3 credits) OR Social Science-Transfer (3 credits)
  • Management by the Book (3 credits) OR Management-Transfer (3 credits)
  • Economics 101 (3 credits) OR Economics-Transfer (3 credits)
  • Enterprise Marketing (4 credits) OR Church Planting – Marketing (4 credits) OR Marketing-Transfer (3 credits)

Transfer Credits: The fee for reviewing transcripts is included in the administration and processing fees. After credits are reviewed, any applicable class credits will be awarded into the CLI degree program by our official registrar.

Ministry Courses (29 credits)

  • Christian Leaders Connection (3 Credits)
  • Ministry 101 (3 credits)
  • Christian Basics: Introduction to Christian Doctrine (3 credits)
  • Old Testament Survey (3 credits)
  • New Testament Survey (3 credits)
  • Church History (4 credits)
  • Pastoral Care and Marriage (3 credits)
  • People Smart for Ministry (3 credits)
  • Church and Ministry (3 credits)
  • Associate of Divinity Degree (1 credit)

Associate of Divinity Degree: 64-66 total credits

Bachelor of Divinity Degree (125-127 credits)

Associate of Divinity Degree (62-64 credits)

Bachelor of Divinity Degree Courses (60 credits)

Theological Division (8 credits)

  • Theology I (4 credits)
  • Theology II (4 credits)

Historical Division (7 credits)

  • Early Church History (3 credits)
  • Missions and Revivals (4 credits)

Biblical Interpretation Division (11 credits)

  • Hermeneutics and Exegesis (3 credits)
  • Biblical Interpretation I: Old Testament (4 credits)
  • Biblical Interpretation II: New Testament (4 credits)

Proclamation Division (10 credits)

  • Christian Apologetics (3 credits)
  • Evangelism: Presenting Grace (3 credits)
  • Sermon Construction and Presentation (4 credits)

Spiritual Formation Division (6 credits)

  • Prayer (3 credits)
  • Christian Ethics (3 credits)

 Electives (18 credits)

  • Biblical Greek I – Recommended for Seminary transfer (4 credits)
  • Biblical Greek II – Recommended for Seminary transfer (4 credits)
  • Biblical Greek III – Recommended for Seminary transfer (4 credits)
  • Bachelor of Divinity Degree (1 credit)

Bachelor of Divinity: 123-125 total credits