Christian Leaders College Credentials

Are you interested in receiving collegiate credentials?  Christian Leaders Institute partners with Christian Leaders College to offer certificates, diplomas and degrees.

While all classes and digital mission credentials are free at Christian Leaders Institute, collegiate credentials have low administration fees at Christian Leaders College.

All Christian Leaders Institute awarded degrees from 2014-2018 are achieved at Christian Leaders College. Christian Leaders Ministries has tasked Christian Leaders Institute with being the creator and custodian of classes. The classes are to be made with the Collegiate standards in mind and they are to be offered free of charge.  These classes have applications at Christian Leaders Institute for Digital Mission Credentials, Christian Leaders Alliance for Ordination recognized classes, and Christian Leaders College for  Collegiate Credentials.

Christian Leaders College is tasked with applying the 22 standards of collegiate credentialing to students who desire a certificate, diploma and degree using Christian Leaders Institute classes.

Benefits of this partnership:

  1. Christian Leaders Institute can focus on presenting excellent classes taught by accomplished professors.
  2. Christian Leaders Institute can focus on developing a vision partner generosity-driven model where generous donors support free classes for everyone whatever the economic situation.
  3. Christian Leaders Institute can also focus on its mission of raising up revival leaders and developing programs that reach people separate from the concerns of collegiate academic standards.
  4. Christian Leaders Institute can focus on content that supports programs in the Christian Leaders Ministries family.
  5. Christian Leaders College can focus on assuring compliance to the accreditation standards of the United States Department of Education.  Christian Leaders College will be an administration fee based non-profit college.

Christian Leaders Ministries is not accredited with United States Department of Education recognized accreditation. Christian Leaders Ministries is accredited by the International Association of Bible Schools and Seminaries. The Georgia based agency has been accrediting religious school with Quality Religious Accreditation since 1953.