CLI’s Leadership Excellence School (CLI)

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School is an online Christian college connected to Christian Leaders Institute which provides tuition-free online courses and low-cost degree programs to multiply difference-makers everywhere and in every economic situation. These tuition-free courses are offered in over 200 countries.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School fits many situations and serves a grassroots Christian audience. Maybe CLI’s Leadership Excellence School will fit you.

Are you:

  • looking for a grassroots online Bible college with a solid mission to launch difference-makers?
  • an active Christian and looking for a low-cost but credible online degree program?
  • called to a Christian ministry career path and do not want to accumulate debt at the Bachelor level?
  • a life-long learner, and CLI’s Leadership Excellence School may be an excellent fit because you need an online college program that you can study at your own pace.
  • a homeschool graduate or homeschool high school student?
  • a high school graduate who does not want to accumulate college debt?
  • a person who is retired, on disability, in debt, socially or relationally disrupted, but called to make a fresh start with the Lord?
  • a person who is economically poor and looking for a way to get a college degree?

Have you heard of CLI’s Leadership Excellence School? CLI’s Leadership Excellence School offers degrees for those called to be Christian difference-makers in this world.

What are the benefits of CLI’s Leadership Excellence School? 

  1. The courses are tuition-free, and the degrees have low fees.
  2. The Christian degree majors are Christian Leadership, Divinity, Chaplaincy, Business, and Philosophy. These majors will be recognized by accredited Master’s programs that partner with CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.
  3. There are also degree concentrations in business, philosophy, church planting, women’s ministry, youth ministry, and advanced Biblical studies. 

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School and Christian Leaders Institute are part of a religious 501(c)3 organization called Christian Leaders. The Christian Leaders’ vision is to multiply difference-makers for Christ in every rank and place.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School is located in Largo, Florida, and is authorized to offer degrees as a religiously exempt college in Florida. Since 2019, CLI’s Leadership Excellence School has been accepted into applicant status for USDE accreditation with the Association of Biblical Higher Education. Click here.

Christian Leaders seeks to multiply Christian leaders to advance in their training, whether at the Christian Leaders Institute for Adult Education Recognition or the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School for degree recognition. Since this is a page about the College, let’s focus on the philosophy of the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School Degree program.

What is the Philosophy of the Degree Program?

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School offers associate and bachelor religious Christian degrees focusing on mobilizing career Christian leaders. We often call these leaders “ministers” (even if they are not staff ministers at a local church). We believe each Christian is called to ministry and desire them to be ministers in every endeavor of their life. A minister can be a volunteer, part-time, or full-time called Christian leader.

The CLI’s Leadership Excellence School degree program is designed to help Christian leaders be bi-vocational or ministry career-focused.


Many called Christians desire to be volunteer ministers who get their support from other means. With that in mind, CLI’s Leadership Excellence School has designed a degree program that fits this situation.

We notice some common scenarios at CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. One of these scenarios might fit your situation.

Scenario 1 – Become a Volunteer Minister. 

Let’s say you are working in a career. Now you are called to volunteer ministry but know you need more training. You desire to get a college degree in Christian religious studies.

Christian Leaders Institute will fill your need with adult education recognition for many called leaders. However, you see the need for a college degree.  This bi-vocational-friendly degree program fits. The costs are low. You study at your own pace. Maybe someday you will leave your current career path and work part-time or full-time in ministry.

Scenario 2 – Become a Career Minister.

Let’s say you know you are called to career ministry as a pastor or senior minister, staff minister, or church planter minister. The CLI’s Leadership Excellence School program will prepare you for ministry positions. Suppose your need is to continue with your Master’s study. In that case, many colleges and seminaries recognize your study at CLI’s Leadership Excellence School and give you standing to continue to study for your master’s degree at their institutions. See partners.

Scenario 3 – Become a Kingdom-Minded Christian Leader.

Let’s say you are serious about your faith and want an excellent foundation in ministry and Christianity before you pursue your career. You see the ministry angle in a chosen profession. This may be a first step or a final destination in your college training.

This option is ideal for homeschooling young people who continue their home-based education, inviting CLI’s Leadership Excellence School to help launch you. Get your degree at a low cost. Transfer to a master’s program.

This kingdom-minded scenario fits many situations. The Christian business degree will prepare you for a job or starting and running a business. The Christian philosophy degree would be an excellent degree for many professions. Studies show that philosophy majors are more financially rewarded than other humanity professionals. See research.  Good thinking is always rewarded. A philosophy degree is relevant for ministry, politics, business, and many callings.

Scenario 4 – Become a more grounded Christian Leader. 

Let’s say you have time on your hands. Perhaps you are out of work or on disability. You are retired or find yourself blessed with study opportunity time. You do not want to waste your time on social media or television. Maybe you sense a calling to ministry. You need a flexible study program you can chip away at.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School will work just fine. You will be able to specialize in an area that interests you. You will be more effective in your life purpose and ministry.

Scenario Takeaways

The CLI’s Leadership Excellence School program fits many situations. Your situation could be unique, but studying at your pace at a low cost will help you advance! If you are a serious-minded Christian, these classes will continue to fan your faith. Suppose you are a parent and you wonder where to send your child to college, and you are concerned with the radical humanistic perspective taught at most colleges and universities. In that case, CLI’s Leadership Excellence School may be the answer for you. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School teaches from a Biblical worldview. Give your children a solid Christian and academic education at a low cost before they go on to their careers or a master’s program.

What Degrees Does CLI’s Leadership Excellence School Offer? 

Christian Leadership Degrees

CLI offers an Associate of Christian Leadership Degree and a Bachelor of Christian Leadership Degree. Currently, six different concentrations are offered with this degree to allow students to dive deeper into specific topics related to their area(s) of ministry.

Associate of Christian Leadership Degree (64 credits) – covers associate degree core requirements and gives you advanced knowledge of Biblical, theological, and ministry topics.

Bachelor of Christian Leadership Degree (123 Credits) – builds on your associate degree and gives you comprehensive knowledge of Biblical, theological, and ministry topics.

The Christian Leadership Degree offers 6 concentrations:

Christian Business Concentration (18 credits) – This concentration strengthens your business expertise.

Christian Philosophy Concentration (19 Credits) – The Philosophy concentration helps you think clearly in these times of uncertainty.

Church Planting Concentration (22 Credits) – The Church Planting concentration gives you the tools to plant a house church or a local church.

Women’s Ministry Concentration (22 Credits) – The Women’s Ministry Concentration prepares you for women’s ministry.

Advanced Biblical Studies Concentration (23 Credits) – The Advanced Biblical Studies Concentration gives you more in-depth knowledge of the Bible.

Youth Ministry Concentration (25 Credits) The Youth Ministry Concentration prepares you for youth ministry at a church or ministry.

Divinity Degrees

Divinity Degrees are our most theological and academic degrees, requiring intellectually rigorous study. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School offers an Associate and Bachelor of Divinity Degree.

Christian Philosophy Bachelor Degree (123 Credits)

This bachelor’s degree builds on the Associate of Christian Leadership. The bachelor program features a comprehensive study of philosophy and Christian philosophy. This program is excellent for anyone serious about career ministry and continuing studies at the master’s level.

Christian Business Bachelor Degree (123 Credits)

The Christian business degree builds on the Associate of Christian Leadership. This bachelor’s program gives you comprehensive knowledge of business and effective leadership.

Chaplaincy Degree (123 Credits)

Chaplaincy Degrees give a comprehensive understanding of the cognitive topics needed for effective Chaplaincy. It covers many practical ministries, and biblical, and theological courses.

How do I find out More About CLI’s Leadership Excellence School?

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School and Christian Leader Institute are very connected. The degree college courses are both accessed at the same place.

You are at the Christian Leaders Institute site, a gateway to starting at CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

If you are more interested in the program of  CLI’s Leadership Excellence School, click here to the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School website.

Suppose you are unsure whether you want to start a college degree program. In that case, you can sign up for a free study account at Christian Leaders. You will automatically be enrolled in the adult education program at Christian Leaders Institute. Click here to register your free study account.