Christian Leader Card – A New Kind of Student/Graduate ID!

I remember when I sensed the call to ministry. I was called at age 12. It was several years before I was ready and willing to tell others. I lacked the confidence to let people know. Sometimes I would mention it in passing. When I was taking training at Dordt College in the ministry preparation program is when I declared to the world, “I am called to be a Christian leader in ministry.”

My Dordt college student ID meant a lot to me. I was seriously on a path of preparation now despite my learning disabilities and struggles! I actually showed my family members my Dordt College ID. Most importantly, I showed myself that I was now settled to prepare to be a Christian leader. My student ID reminded me I was studying for a high purpose. I never threw my student IDs away. They are in a memory box somewhere. That student ID was more than a card, it fueled the development of a new identity.

The Vision of the Christian Leader Card

I have personally met hundreds of students. I have read thousands of student stories and journeys. I recognize how important this training is for people called to be Christian Leaders. I understand more fully now, the importance of that identity card, and the confidence it brought me to pursue my ministry dream.

It is why we have introduced the Christian Leader Card. This is not just a student ID card. It is a recognition for yourself and others of your calling. This Christian Leader Card is designed to be affordable to both receive and update as you go through your journey as a Christian Leader here at Christian Leaders Institute as a student, graduate, and alumni.

My daughter Abigail has over 50 credit hours. She was so excited to get her card as we were developing this Christian Leader Card. She actually received the first one. Here is what it looks like.

What about you?

Are you called by God to do something?  Are you seeking Biblical training? Are you ready to be recognized as a Christian Leader?

Many come to Christian Leaders Institute to receive Biblical instruction. They are called to do something. The Biblical training helps them grow in their Christian walk. Christian Leaders Institute has the capacity to help in this way.

Others are called to be Christian Leaders, they know it.

Some are called to be “unlikely” Christian Leaders.

Maybe you were raised in a Christian home but you rebelled, but God never let you go! You know you are called and that is why you are studying at Christian Leaders Institute. You wonder, why would God call someone like me after everything I have done?

Maybe you were not raised as a Christian, but God still showed up. His presence was felt to comfort you through unspeakable trials. Then you heard the gospel. The gospel saved you and you sensed the call to help others.

Maybe you never thought about God. You lived your life the way you wanted to live. Tragedy struck and only God could make sense out of it. You have come to find that only God is your hope!

Some have been called at a young age.

That might be you. You have always known and felt that you were called to be a Christian Leader! You are now coming to grasp this truth. You are ready to cross over and let the world know what God has been doing in your heart.

Some are called to be a Christian Leader later in life. They have been growing in Christ, now a calling has come.

How about you? Are you called to identify with this new reality and enforce this in yourself as well as share this with others?

The fact is that Christian Leaders Institute recognizes the individual named on the Christian Leader Card as one of the hundreds of thousands who have received Christian leader’s training and are now ready to make a stand for the cause of Christ worldwide.

This is what the card says on the back:

As a Christian Leader cardholder, you want to use your training to change the world. This card can be the gateway to that dream. It can give you ministry confidence. It is proof of ministry education. It unlocks CLI and student ID discounts. It can lead to ministry credibility.

Since the price is very low, you will be able to buy new ones to update your card when you complete new credentials or just want to update your pictures. The card cover two calendar years. The cards can be updated as you progress through your program at Christian Leaders Institute. Degree program participants will be issued their cards at no charge after they make the first payment.