Christian Homeschooling

Are you interested in or participating in Christian homeschooling?  Are you researching your options? What if you had access to over 100 online courses? These classes could be accessed by you, as the homeschool teacher. These online classes could be used in your homeschooling curriculum for your teenage homeschool students.

Christian Leaders Institute offers individualized online college-level courses in the following areas:

General Education -English, History, Maths, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Communications

Bible – Old and New Testament, Books of the Bible, Biblical Interpretation, and Theology

Christian Theology and Philosophy – Christian Theological, History, and Philosophy Courses

Ministry – A whole host of ministry subjects, such as People Smart, Peace Smart, Pastoral Care, Thriving Marriages, and much more

Enterprise – Many courses in business and enterprise areas.

Skills – More and more 1 credit courses are added in people and ministry skills such as Anger Management and Influence Smart.

How Can Christian Leaders Institute Serve You as a Christian Homeschool Teacher?

The learning opportunity at CLI is available for the Christian homeschool teacher. Great learners fuel great homeschooling. The homeschool teacher can access these courses themselves as they learn to teach their children. Since the courses are free, the homeschool teacher does not have to go into debt to learn. He or she can keep learning while teaching more effectively.

College Degree – The homeschool teacher will be able to get a degree while becoming a more effective Christian homeschooling educator. The Christian Leaders Institute is part of Christian Leaders College. This means the homeschool teacher can take free classes and those classes can be used for a college degree.

Ministers – Anyone in the Christian homeschooling family can access the ministry courses. The world needs more ministers. We have found that many homeschooling families are ministry oriented. That means that your family can be an incubation center for ministers. Christian Leaders Institute opens the door for you to complete licensed or ordination programs with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

How Can Christian Leaders Institute Benefit your Teenage Homeschooled Children?

Life Preparation

Christian Leaders Institute offers individualized online courses that include reading materials, video lectures, and quizzes.  Depending on your teenage Christian homeschooling students’ aptitude, these classes can be accessed by anyone over the age of 12. This means that these courses can help you as the teacher to offer courses that help prepare your child for life or ministry.

Headstart on College Studies

Since these courses are connected to Christian Leaders College, your children can get a headstart on their college degree with the Christian Leaders Institute. Many teens are ready for college-level courses while still doing Homeschool High School.

Excellent College Option to Avoid College Debt

Many homeschool graduates enroll at Christian Leaders College to get their college degrees while they live and work at home. Since the courses are free, and the college only has low-cost administration fees, Christian homeschooling families are not strapped with higher education debt.

Ministry Training for Called Young People

Some of your children may be called into ministry? Many Christian homeschooling graduates take courses at Christian Leaders Institute and become ordained as ministers with Christian Leaders Alliance.

Imagine how these free online Bible College classes, which include many different Christian leader topics, could help you and your homeschool!

Does a Christian Leaders College Degree get into a Master’s Degree Program?

Yes. Christian homeschooling students who complete their college degree with Christian Leaders College are invited to apply for Master’s Degree status at our partner Master’s degree locations.

Launch your homeschooled college graduate into a Master’s Degree Program!  Your cost will be a fraction of the traditional education route.


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