Biblical Coaching

Hello! My name is Lissa Patterson. Technically, it’s Melissa, but Lissa is what I am called. Currently, I am studying biblical coaching at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here).

I live in a small town in Missouri (USA). I am the second of three girls raised together and one that we later met and immediately loved.

My Childhood: Abuse and Anger

I was raised in a home with abuse that serves as my earliest memories. My mother attended church with my sisters and me in tow until I was about 13 years old. I remember disliking church. The preacher aggressively lectured about sin and how anyone that sinned would go to hell. He taught that sinners angered God. And because of the abuse, I thought I was a sinner. The church was the place where I was reminded of my powerlessness, unworthiness, and shame. Or so I felt.

During my childhood, I felt that God couldn’t and didn’t love me. I prayed and wept and cried out to Him, but all I heard was silence. I didn’t understand why God could let horrible things happen to children. So, I became angry. So angry that I turned my back to Him. Completely.

Hearing God’s Voice

Fast forward through many abusive relationships and to a day that I heard God’s voice. I was an alcoholic. I again found myself praying and weeping for a few years, calling out to Him for help. Begging God to love me enough to give me the strength to stop drinking and to live a better life.

Then, one night, I allowed myself to quiet enough to hear, “I have given you the tools because I love you, child. You just need to use them.” Soon after that night, I drove by the store where I usually stopped for a bottle. I smiled while I said a prayer of thanks and kept driving towards home. And I’ve never looked back. Today, I’ve never felt stronger or more empowered.

A few years ago, I started attending the church where I now serve on the welcoming team. I also facilitate a “Stepping Into Freedom” program weekly at the same church. But until recently, I didn’t realize that there was more for me to do.

Called by God

For a while now, I’ve overwhelmingly felt that I am supposed to help others get through some of the same things I experienced. Training for life coaching has been placed in front of me with a voice that tells me coaching is my purpose. I help others get through the aftermath of abuse and addictions and lead lives walking closer to God.

I am certified as a Professional Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Coach, Confidence Coach, Public Speaking Coach, Emotional Intelligence Life Coach, Goal Success Life Coach, Happiness Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, and Master Mindset Life Coach. Even with all of these certifications, I have argued with God about this purpose. I say that I am not qualified. Not competent.

Studying Biblical Coaching at CLI

I wanted to incorporate Spiritual Wellness into my coaching and teach from a biblical aspect. While researching how to do biblical coaching, the Christian Leaders Institute came up. Another tool handed to me by my Heavenly Father and the last piece of the puzzle to fulfill my life purpose.

The question “What is your spiritual dream?” is asked in one of the courses. My answer, “To live a life that pleases God.” Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for helping me along my journey!