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Do you want to study the Bible? Are you a Christian who wants to take a class or two on Biblical topics?  Are you interested in ministry? Are you looking for a free online Bible school program that is highly regarded and completely free of charge?

Consider the Christian Leaders Institute


The Christian Leaders Institute is online. In fact, this is a completely online learning experience. That means you can access free online Bible school courses on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. You will be able to access over 100 courses right on your device.


The Bible is the foundation of all learning at Christian Leaders Institute. We consider the Bible God’s inspired Word. The courses reflect the Biblical world and life view and are guided by our statement of faith. 

Many of the courses help you study the Bible in-depth. You can take the Old Testament Survey or New Testament Survey Courses. Complete a study in the book of Acts. If you are a volunteer, part-time, or full-time minister, you will grow in your Bible knowledge and the ability to understand and apply the Bible.


Christian Leaders Institute is a school that is under CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. This allows your studies to count for Ministry and Enterprise awards.

If you want to join a college program, you can apply for college study status seamlessly at CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. Currently, the total cost for a Bachelor’s degree is under $3,000.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School will accept the free Christian Leaders Institute courses if you want to finish a college degree. We are excited to participate with other Christian colleges willing and ready to accept your low-cost CLI’s Leadership Excellence School graduates into their master’s and doctorate programs.

How do you enroll in this online Bible School?

  1. Create Your Study Account.
  2. Complete the Getting Started Class that gives you an orientation to CLI’s Leadership Excellence School and Christian Leaders Institute.
  3. Start enrolling in free courses.
  4. If you are interested in a degree program, enroll in the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

How are these online Bible School courses free?

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School and Institute are generosity-driven institutions that bring free online Bible School courses to you.

Who supports this cause? 

  • Students
  • Individual Christians
  • Churches
  • Christian Foundations

Do not worry if you have nothing to give. These are free courses for you.

Christian Leaders Institute may be right for you if you are seeking free online Bible School training! It is for busy people who are called to ministry.  Christian Leaders Institute will allow you to get the education you need to live out your God-given call!

 CLI’s Leadership Excellence School Degree Partnerships

Seeking Licensed or Ordained Clergy Roles?

Are you interested in being licensed or ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance?  The Christian Leaders Alliance is a global network of locally ordained leaders who are globally recognized. See the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory.

Ordained Mentor Ministers are available as a possible resource for you if you do not have local mentors to help you get licensed or ordained.

Over 2500 licensed or ordained ministers have been mobilized. After you enroll at Christian Leaders Institute, the getting started class will tell you all about the clergy opportunities. CLI is not just an online Bible School alone. It is also a place for you to go through a clergy recognition process.

Home Schooling Family Seeking Online Bible School Classes?

Are you a homeschooling parent looking for Bible training for yourself or your high school-age children.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School may fit your situation offering low-cost college degree options.

What are the Online Bible School classes like?

These online Bible School classes provide the reading materials in electronic format in all classes.  Students can do their studies with a computer, smartphone, or tablet. All reading materials are included and viewed online on your device.

Over 50 world-class Bible school professors (with Ph.D., THD, and Master’s degrees) led by Dr. David Feddes guide your education. All professors received their degrees from accredited institutions. You get the credits and transcripts without paying anything.

Are CLI’s Leadership Excellence School and Christian Leaders Institute Accredited?

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School and Institute operate through the authorization, as a degree-granting institution through an exemption, by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities under Section 1005.06 (1) (f), FLA Statutes. 

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School and Institute have applied for accreditation to be recognized by the US Department of Education.

Click here to see the verification link.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School holds applicant status with the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation, 5850 T. G. Lee Blvd., Ste. 130, Orlando, FL 32822, 407.207.0808. Applicant status is a pre-membership status granted to those institutions that meet the ABHE Conditions of Eligibility and that possess such qualities as may provide a basis for achieving candidate status within five years.

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