Bible Courses Online

My name is Saw Eh Dah, and I am taking Bible courses online at Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here). Born in 2001 in the Karen state of Myanmar, I now live and study in Thailand. My family is Buddhist. Before I heard the Word of God and became a believer, I wanted to be a monk thinking that I could save them.

Introduced to God

Once, one of my friends invited me to go to church. At the time, I was focused on my friend, not on worshipping God. However, when I was at the church, my friend’s family and I got into a friendship. Then, they asked me to go worship with them every week. Then I started wanting to know who God is and whether he is a true God or not. So, I started going to church every week and heard the Word of God. However, I did not understand it all. So, I decided not to believe in God if I couldn’t understand His Word.

Yet, when I was at church, people talked about God’s love, God’s grace, and the way Jesus sacrificed for us. That’s why, even though I did not understand God’s Word, I felt that Jesus loved me. Then I heard God say, ”Taste me.” Then I started tasting God as I prayed and praised the Lord. I began a relationship with God, and then I understood more about God’s love and who God is. After that, there was a choice in my heart that spoke to me. I would rather choose the one who loves me unconditionally and gives me salvation than worship humans who try to become gods. After I decided this, I also had to go through some trials. I faced the temptation of my family, and Satan used my heart’s desire to stop me from walking closer to God.

Saved and Called to Witness

God’s grace and mercy save me! I thank God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit so much! After I became a Christian, I felt like my life was heavier than before. In the past, I did not like Christians because they usually visited non-believers and shared the Word of God. And so, I misunderstood, thinking that they tempted people to become Christian. However, now I realize that you won’t like to do missions if you do not really love God and your neighbor. But, if you really love God and your neighbor, you will love to do missions and want your neighbor to have Jesus as their Savior like you.

God’s Word always reminds me of my life. As I am a child of God, it doesn’t matter if I am rich or famous or poor. The matter is I need to be the best tool for God. The most important work to do in life is God’s work! The best of my life is working for God’s glory.

Finding CLI for Bible Courses Online

I am young and still learning the word of God. So I knew I needed Bible training to grow in my faith and walk with God. So, I searched and found the Christian Leaders Institute with Bible courses online. I don’t know what will happen in my life and my future. But I offer my life to God, and I believe God will use me more and more.