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Servant of God from the Warm Heart of Africa

My name is Vitumbiko Sauli which means blessings in my language. I am 37 years old, born and grew up in Malawi in the city of Blantyre. Currently, I live in South Africa, and I am taking Bible courses and ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free online Bible courses, Click Here).

Challenges and Growth

My father died when I was 12, and my brother was 10. I had a challenging childhood. When I lost my father, I remember selling doughnuts during my break time at school raising my school fees. On the weekend, I sold fruits and sweets. After I completed high school in 2003, we came to Cape Town, South Africa, so that my mother could get a job and send me to college. All glory to God, I enrolled to start Business Management while working part-time at a restaurant.

In the year 2005, doctors diagnosed my brother with mental illness. It was challenging for us to work and take care of him. We went back home and things became worse. It seemed that whenever a door of opportunity opened, my brother struggled mentally and had evil dreams. This experience made me seek God’s face. I promised God that if he delivered my brother, I would forever serve Him. At 22 years old, I did not precisely know what it meant to serve God. We attended fellowships and studied the Bible and trusted God for a miracle. Praise the Lord. We were all delivered from the hands of the enemy. God opened my spiritual eyes. I started seeing vision whenever I was in prayer or through dreams.

Free Bible Courses and Ministry Training at CLI

In 2010, I came back to Cape Town trusting God to restore everything that I lost. I had challenges, but I was encouraged not to give up when I remembered what God had done. The Holy Spirit disconnected me from bad associations and connected me to the right people that helped me to follow my calling. I was a Church Administrator for five years. Currently, I am a Chairlady for the Women’s Ministry. God has been using me to minister to many people from different nationalities and backgrounds. My faith in the Lord gave me a desire and directed me to further my education. In 2019, I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance Management. I have a job of my qualification after working as nanny and cleaning tables at a Restaurant.

Christian Leaders Institute is the path for my successful call to serve God. Delighted to be a student, I learn so much from CLI’s free Bible courses and ministry training. My understanding of Christian leadership is also transforming. Thank you, CLI!

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