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Hello, my name is Rebecca Snel. I live in England, UK, with three sons, two of which I am homeschooling. Currently, I am taking Bible courses and ministry classes free online at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online free Bible courses and ministry classes, Click Here).

My Youth

I grew up in a Catholic family in the UK. I was christened and confirmed like everybody else in my church. My parents were pretty devout. My dad was an acolyte at the altar with the job of swinging the incense around. So, I grew up with a lot of religious paraphernalia around me.

At the age of 16 or so, I attended a youth conference. There I experienced the Holy Spirit falling on me. Back then, I didn’t understand what this amazing feeling was that had come over me. I had no one to ask. I started searching for answers and started at my local library (this was pre-internet times). The religious book section was right next to the New Age section.

One thing led to another, my mind was blown as I read about a whole new world outside the Catholic teachings. However, at that stage, I didn’t go deep and focused on trying to understand the calling I felt in my life. I fell in love with God. I even wanted to be a nun as I didn’t see any other options as a female in the Catholic Church to serve God.

New Age and Struggles

Unfortunately, I didn’t read the Bible in all my research – well not much of it. I did try once but got stuck somewhere around the book of Numbers. My parents insisted I go to University and get a degree rather than become a nun. I chose to study Archaeology. Then, as an Anthropology assignment, I was to write a report about the Wicca culture. Now able to access the Internet, I came across the New Age world again from my research. This time, I fell into it. I felt it had more to offer than what I experienced in church.

I still felt a strong love for God and the pull to know more. It was a desire to get closer. However, I looked in all the wrong places. In the “warm and welcoming” New Age community, I met a Swedish boy. Being rather headstrong, I moved to Sweden at the age of 25 to marry him. After our son was born, he got into the Free Masons. I was drawn into an Ascended Master cult, which created distance between us. We ended up divorcing after 10 years.

When my marriage failed, I prayed to God that now I was His. I wanted to dedicate my life to serving Him. However, I was still in the New Age cult! We believed in Jesus but that he was just one of the Ascended Masters who served as examples. We were trained to aim for our own ascension through good works and balancing karma. It was a terrible prison to be in, for we cannot save ourselves no matter the good intentions.

Changes and Salvation in Christ

During a conference, I met a Dutchman, and after several years I would marry him. After a rather cold first marriage, it felt like God was providing me with another chance. This time it was with someone who shared my heart for spiritual matters, although I still was in the New Age at this point. We moved back to the UK and had two more boys. Then after a couple of years, the leader of the group we were following decided to cut all her followers off. Later, the leader posted that the Ascended Masters were false and that we all should read the Bible and turn to Jesus.

Shocked at the suggestion that the last ten years of my life might have been a lie, I obeyed and read the New Testament. It was very quickly clear that the teachings I had followed were a big lie. The biggest lie was that I needed to save myself through work.
I repented and turned to the real Jesus, making Him my Lord and Saviour! My husband also followed me, and together we started off on a new journey as born-again Christians. What a relief it was to find that we wouldn’t have to struggle with complicated decrees and rituals. I became a lot more at peace and less prone to anger.

Finding My Way

Someone invited me to a chat with a pastor at a local Baptist church. The pastor further invited me to an Exploring Christianity course which led to me being fully baptized and becoming a member there. It wasn’t long before the old calling I had felt when I was a teen began to creep back up on me. I knew God wanted me to speak his Word in some way. My husband joined the Worship team, and I started in Sunday School ministry.

Unfortunately, my church does not accept female pastors or even deacons. So, I am at a bit of a loss about what to do with the calling as my family seems happy at the church and settled in.

I am in contact with a group of Christians who do street evangelism once a month. I started joining them although I feel quite inadequate now in the beginning. However, I have had a chance to share my testimony and felt the Holy Spirit speaking through me. It was one of the best experiences of my life. God is calling me to preach the Word even though I myself am shy and not a great talker. Passionate about wanting to show people who God and Jesus really are, I want them to have a close intimate relationship with the Lord.

Bible Courses and Ministry Classes at CLI

I hope to gain more understanding about the call on my life from studying at Christian Leaders Institute. The Bible courses and ministry classes are what I need. I hope to be able to dive deeper into my study of the Bible so that I know the Word deeply. I don’t want to be deceived again and want to be able to help others who are searching as I once was. Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity!

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The Christian Leaders Getting Started Class Part 1 shows you how to enroll in courses and mini-courses. Part 2 of the course connects your calling into ministry with programs offered through Christian Leaders Institute. Part 2 will offer some ministry training and introduce you to the other programs offered through Christian Leaders Institute.

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