Bible College for Homeschool Teachers

Do you want to gain more confidence as a homeschool teacher? Do you want to minister more effectively to your children? Are you looking for a Bible college for homeschool teachers to take free Bible college courses? Do you want to get a college degree but cannot afford the high cost of tuition and college debt?  Maybe you want to offer a Bible college education opportunity for your teenage children, and you wonder how to do that?

Christian Leaders Institute might fit your situation. Through the Christian Leaders Institute, you get access to a college education for homeschool teachers because the program includes some of these benefits:

  • Over 100 free courses, including Bible, Sciences, History, and more.
  • Individualized courses that you can complete on your time with your busy schedule.
  • Low-cost degree program with CLI’s Leadership Excellence School (Christian Leaders Institute is part of CLI’s Leadership Excellence School).
  • Courses that help homeschool teachers in their continuing education. Many homeschool teachers have used the classes to help them teach difficult subjects.

Become a Home Discipleship Minister as you serve your family and your community!

 Bible College for Homeschool Teachers Movement

Christian Leaders Institute can introduce homeschool teachers to some exciting options. Not only can you gain confidence and competency through continuing education, but you can introduce your children, as they need higher-level education, to free classes in an ever-expanding course menu.

There is a growing consensus among serious mined Christian parents. They need to become home discipleship ministers even if they do not homeschool their children. Being a homeschool teacher does allow you to invest more in your children’s life. This Bible College for homeschool teachers’ opportunity will help strengthen their ministry skills.

From Military Spouse to Christian Leader

Hi! My name is  Katie, and I am receiving a Bible College for Homeschool teachers’ education at CLI. I am currently located in Japan. I grew up in the South in a Christian home. Some of my fondest memories are of summer camps, potlucks on the fifth Sundays of certain months, and the loving church family. That church family surrounded and supported me as I grew in my walk with the Lord.

I have spent the last 16 years following my husband around the world for his military career. Now that he is nearing retirement, we are preparing for our next step. It is in ministry. We hope to use his skills as a pilot to help missionaries serving in remote locations. I plan to continue to homeschool our three children. Furthermore, I also want to help the missionary community and my husband wherever and however I am needed.

Bible College for Homeschool Teachers

I am so grateful for the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about Studying the Bible, Click Here)! The mission organization my husband hopes to partner with requires some college-level education for both of us. We all know Uncle Sam doesn’t pay very well, and it’s incredibly challenging for a military spouse to hold a job when they move every few years. We were struggling with how we were going to pay for college credits for both of us when we learned about CLI. What an answer to prayer!

I am looking forward to challenging myself with college. I thought I was done with formal college-level education when I earned my bachelor’s degree many, many years ago! What a privilege to learn more about God and grow in my faith at CLI. My prayer is that then I can help others do the same.