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My name is Jan Tobias Basson. I am a full-time teacher in Namibia, and I love it. At the time of writing this profile, I have been married for two months to the best woman on earth, Elain Lubbe Basson. I am also a student at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible and ministry courses online, Click Here).

Spiritual Journey

I grew up in a loving family who were firm believers in Christ. So, my roots are deep from the start of my existence. My mother and father were hard workers and tried their best to provide for my younger brother and me. In my youth, my parents had to wake up early to travel to their jobs. But they trusted me to care for my brother during the day. In addition, my mother always ensured we had enough to eat and keep busy.

My parents are just amazing! I owe everything to them. The situation I was in at the time taught me how to be responsible and how to act when another is dependent on you. I also had many struggles in my life. My faith was tested to its limit a few times. After school, I traveled to South Africa, the Hollywood of Africa. That was when I fell to my lowest, away from my support system. However, it is also where I met my wife, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

Bible and Ministry Courses Online

The things I experienced in 2022 are why I decided to enroll at the Christian Leaders Institute and apply to CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. As a teacher of today’s youth, I see firsthand how impressionable they are. Social media and the general media are killing them in a way they can’t comprehend. It attacks their faith, trying to take their attention away from God.

That is where I come in. I am a Christian and a leader. However, I need and desperately want the knowledge to fight and change as many lives as possible. That is where the Christian Leaders Institute and College come in. I can study the Bible and ministry courses online at CLI/CLI.

My dreams come with many risks. I might even risk my life, but it’s worth it. Working with children is my passion. Seeing them led astray breaks my heart. I need to get the Word of God to them before they are exposed to lies. This is my calling to ministry. God wants me to serve through the school system in Namibia.

Personal life

I have always been a Christian. I was baptized and married in our traditional Dutch Reformed Church. Sports played a massive role in my life. Before my injuries, I represented Namibia in various age groups playing rugby. I had the opportunity to play rugby in the USA and maybe make a living as a pro rugby player. However, I was deeply in love with my wife. Rugby allowed me to make friends worldwide, and I was blessed to be in a country where Christianity is still at its core. Before and after matches, we bowed down, prayed as a team, and thanked God for the opportunity to use our able bodies to have fun. Win or lose; we always praised God.

Rugby is what led me to teach. I started as a rugby coach at Windhoek High School in 2020. At the start of 2022, the school was generous enough to allow me to work for them even though I am not 100% complete with my teaching qualification. In January of 2023, I will start my new rugby coordinator and English teaching job at a local private school in Windhoek.

My wife is a hairdresser and settling into her new environment in Namibia. She left everything in South Africa and followed me back home. I love her with all my heart. We dated for about four years before I asked her to marry me on her father’s farm. We married on the 17th of September, 2022.

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