Benefits of Fasting

What are the spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits of fasting?

“I have not departed from the commandment of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my portion of food.” - Job 23:12

Benefits of Fasting

One study conducted on the effects of fasting found that it reduces stress, increases cellular repair processes, and is correlated with better longevity as well as anti-aging (Elghblawi, 2015).

A different study was done on 300 students who were fasting found that it benefited their mental health,spiritual health, and even their ability to control aggression (Nasiri & Lotfi, 2020).

Fasting is a way that we can mourn, plead, honor, resist temptation, commit, and become more in tune with God. It can be a way for us to both express sadness and happiness as we use fasting to connect more intimately with the Lord.

There are many ways to practice fasting, including: from food, from water intake, from social media, from TV or social media, etc. Each of these will offer different benefits.

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