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Is God calling you to be a Chaplain? Do you sense the calling to help people? Do you find joy in the presence of God?

Chaplains perform a variety of religious services for the institution or organization that they serve. Some Chaplains are volunteers or part-time serving in local police, firehouse, VFW, and other civic organizations. While ministry training is needed, these certification and clergy recognition programs do not have as many requirements as a career chaplain.

What do Chaplains do?

  • Organize and preach at chapel services
  • Lead/administer communion
  • Perform wedding ceremonies
  • Conduct officiating rites
  • Provide counseling and prayers
  • Provide spiritual guidance

If you feel called to serve people as a ministry chaplain, Christian Leaders Institute can provide you with all the training you need. We have classes covering theological knowledge and classes that have practical application to chaplaincy and leadership in the Christian church.

Are you called to be a Ministry Chaplain?

Christian Leaders Institute has a free study program for ministry chaplains. This includes roles with civic or governmental agencies such as police and firedepartments

You will need to complete the Christian Leaders Entrance class. In this class, you will get started with the Christian Leaders Institute and access your study scholarship.

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Maybe you are interested in the Basic Chaplaincy Award?

To receive the Basic Chaplaincy Award, you will have to complete these courses:

  • Christian Leaders Connections (3 Credits)
  • Christian Basics (3 Credits)
  • Evangelism: Presenting Grace (3 Credits)
  • Prayer (3 Credits)
  • Ministry 101 (3 Credits)
  • People Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)
  • Introduction to Chaplaincy (3 Credits)
  • Ministry Care Conversations (3 Credits)
  • Thriving Marriages (4 Credits)

28 Credit Hours

Licensed Ministry Chaplain

Maybe you are interested in becoming a Licensed Ministry Chaplain. This role is a fit if you seek to serve as a volunteer chaplain in your local community. The Christian Leaders Alliance licenses and ordains graduates of the Christian Leaders Institute. Check out the Licensed Ministry option:  Click here to find out about the licensed ministry chaplain program

This 13 credit hour program may be your first step to even more chaplaincy studies.

What if I want to be a Career Chaplain?

Depending on where you are called to be a career chaplain, there are additional requirements. For instance, in the U.S. military and many hospitals, chaplains must:

Become ordained. Ordination can be done through the Christian Leaders Alliance while you do your bachelor’s degree.

Must have a Bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s degree can be done through Christian Leaders College with some low administration fees.

Must have an Accredited Masters Degree with Chaplaincy Focus

This can be done through our partnership with Kairos, an accredited program suited for graduates of Christian Leaders Institute and College.  Click here for more details.

Don’t believe it? Click the button below to enroll in our courses and see for yourself! We won’t ask for any credit information or bank information. There is no payment required for this course. If you don’t love the courses, you can leave at any time. Just click the button below to start your journey to chaplaincy today!

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