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Christian Leaders Award

Are you looking for a Christian Leaders Award program? Are you looking for a study program that maximizes your time in your pursuit of being a well-trained minister? Are you an ordained pastor who has never had formal ministry training? Are you looking for a study program to become ordained as a Christian Minister in the Christian Leaders Alliance?

The Christian Leaders Award may fit you! This award is designed as a one-year college-level program. This award opens many doors for ministry!

Christian Leaders Award

The Christian Leaders Award is granted to those called to be Christian leaders in their churches, ministries or in their communities. This award encompasses the basic knowledge of what it means to be a Christian and an in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments. The award encompasses the essentials for being a well-trained minister.  You will also learn about responsibilities associated with leadership positions in the church. This award is great for anyone looking into leadership in their church.

The Christian Leaders Award focuses on ten courses.christian leaders certificate

First, enroll and take the admissions activity. This gives you a great start at Christian Leaders Institute.

Second, study 30 credits of engaging and challenging ministry training. 

1. Connections Course (3 Credits) The Connections class further orientates you to Christian Leaders Institute, plus gives you more leadership level training in how to have a reproducible walk with God and how to grow in your understanding of ministry.

2.  Christian Basics (3 Credits). This class grounds you in the Christian Basics every Christian Leader needs to know. Dr. David Feddes is the teacher. You will enjoy his expertise!

3. Old Testament Survey (3 Credits)

Go deep into the Old Testament and the plan of salvation from Genesis onward. You will be amazed about what you find in your study adventure.

4. New Testament Survey (3 Credits)

This New Testament survey class will change your life and walk with God. You will lead with more confidence!

5. Ministry 101 (3 Credits)

The Ministry 101 class will ground you in the best practices of ministry.

6. People Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)

The People Smart for Ministry class helps you do well in human relationships as it relates to ministry settings. You will learn how to be a better listener. You will learn how to deal with difficult people. You will learn insights about giving a first impression and much more. This class an important part of your Christian Leaders Award credential.

7. Church and Ministry (3 Credits)

The Church and Ministry class gives you training in doing ministry in a local setting. You will get an overview of relevant ministry competencies like doing a wedding or a funeral. You will learn how to lead someone to Christ. You will learn about small groups that are an essential for holding Bible studies. This class brings you many insights that make the Christian Leaders Award filled with credibility.

8. Leadership (3 Credits)

This class is led by Dr. Bruce Ballast. Dr. Ballast dives deep into the essentials of leadership.

9. Pastoral Care and Marriage (3 Credits)

This course discusses caring for others pastorally as well as strengthening your own marriage. Whether you are married or not, this course gets at the spiritual principles of what makes a powerful kingdom partnership as a husband and wife become one spiritually, emotionally and sexually. If you are married, we recommend that your spouse participates with you in going through this course.

10. Church History (3 Credits)

Learn about the 2000 years of church history. This is essential for being a minister. Many in the community have little understanding of the issues the church has faced over the centuries. The church has been around longer than any business or government. Find out why!

The benefits of the Christian Leaders Award:

This is a well rounded minister award that covers many ministry basics. Perfect as a foundation for many ministry roles.

  1. With the completion of the Christian Leaders Award you only need to do the Deacon Minister Ordination and you will be ordained in the role of  Christian Minister. 
  2. With the completion of the Christian Leaders Award you will be qualified to officiate at funerals and weddings. In non-denominational churches and many denominational churches, you will be able to conduct communion and baptism.
  3. You have the study foundation for many other awards.
  4. You have a foundation for ministry specialities. For instance, take Church Planting (3 Credits) and Preaching Methods (3 Credits) to prepare as a church planter.
  5. This is a great award for part-time ministers. Your local senior pastor may want you to take some specialized ministry classes.

The Christian Leaders Award is the best option for a well rounded minister program that many people can get done in one year.

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