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Apprentice Bible Award

Christian Leaders Institute is a world leader in free high-quality Christian Leaders classes. Have you considered studying the Bible in-depth?

The Apprentice Bible Award builds on the Christian Basics course with a complete in-depth look at the Bible. In this program of study, students will be taken through the entire canon of scripture on a deeper level than they have studied previously. This course is ideal for anybody who is seeking a deeper understanding of scripture.

The Apprentice Bible Award focuses on three building blocks.

Step one: Enroll in the Admissions activity to get set up and aquainted with how Christian Leaders Intitute works. 

Step Two: Take Four College-level Ministry Training Classes:

1. Connections (3 credits) –

The connections course gives you a good start at Christian Leaders Institute. You will be exploring the meaning and practical application of ministry connections. You will also learn about a reproducible walk with God.

2. Christian Basics (3 Credits)  You will cover the essential teachings of Christianity. Dr. David Feddes leads you in exploring this Doctrinal Survey Class.

3. Old Testament Survey (3 Credits) – Go in-depth into the Old Testament. The survey class will help you gain confidence as you see the story of redemption unfold.

4. New Testament Survey (3 Credits) – The New Testament is made up of 27 books. These book focus on the life, death, resurrection of Jesus Christ. They go on to talk about new life in Christ and the building of the Church through the power of the Holy Spirit. Take this class and go deep into this amzing and transforming revelation.

The Apprentice Bible Award is a 12 credit award that will prepare you for local impact!

Apprentice Bible Award Benefits:

  • Strengthen your own understanding of the Bible as you grow in your relationship with God.
  • Become more confident in knowing what the Bible actually says.
  • Serve in your local church more effectively as a Christian Leader.
  • Enhance your Bible knowledge while you teach Sunday school or lead a local Bible study.