I am Arnold T. Muradzikwa, born in a rural area called Dora. I am thirty-seven years of age. We were twelve in our family. Five are still alive and seven went home. I am the last born. I grew up attending an old apostolic church called Johannes Marange’s Apostolic Church. I then moved to the Roman catholic church. I served there for a long time expecting to be a father in my life. During my serving time, I was not aware that I was lost. Then I learned that no man will enter the kingdom of God unless he is born again, born of water and spirit.

I completed my secondary education at Dora high school and did motor mechanics at Sakubva commercial college. I obtained a diploma in Automotives. I then later received Jesus as my personal Savior in 1999. I started to see the difference of living with Christ. Due to economical deflation in Zimbabwe, in 2002 a group of people planned to kill me. They accused me of being a political opponent. I ran away to South Africa where I stayed as a refugee.

I am staying in South Africa serving my God in Jesus name. I married in December of 2005, and I am the father of two. The firstborn is 8 and the second is 3. Jesus took me to the office of an evangelist. I once visited my family in Zimbabwe and shared the good news and both my parents received Jesus. I was filled with joy. Later, my father went home to our Lord on 8 July 2011. My mother went home as well on 23 April 2015.

Jesus took me to South Africa for a purpose where I am evangelizing, pastoring and teaching. I was ordained as a pastor in April of 2013. I later discovered that being in South Africa was not being lost, but that God had a purpose. I am happy even though l faced challenges. There are churches around every corner, yet Jesus is far away from them. Deceiving is like an everyday occurrence. This forced me to take classes to know the truth of a saved person, and I studied with BBN Bible Institute and was awarded a diploma in Bible doctrine. I now know what a believer is. The Holy Spirit is taking control over me day and night. I read the Bible every day. It has completely changed my life and my perception towards the work of God. God wants me to start a church, but due to financial instability, l am still under my mentor’s congregation, which is God Cares Ministries.

I gained much support from the congregation besides financial support. With words of encouragement and teachings, I thanked them. I am looking forward to starting a church, and I do have a strong passion to open a place where I will help orphans and the crippled. Education has been a problem for poor people, and I have a passion to open a school for them, where they will gain a free education. I always pray that God may help me. He said he will not forsake me. I believe that all I am doing, I am doing it for the sake of the kingdom of Our Lord Jesus and Our Father. The CLI studies taught me a lot about how to help with anything I have. I don’t have gold and silver but passion and faith in helping. I am looking forward to starting my ministry soon.

I am happy and contented to study through CLI. It gives the opportunity to study while I am doing the work of God and other things to survive. I really do understand the way it teaches. There were things I wasn’t aware of in life, but through CLI, I have a clear picture. The lectures are quite clear compared to other schools.

All in all, I thank God for the family He gave me. They all love God. My wife is a worship team leader, and she loves God. My two kids love God. They always give glory to God through hymns. May children of God and servants and maidservants of God help me in my request to God that I may start the work God ordained for me and called me for. It might be easier to those who started already, but I need your prayers and your support. May the Lord God and Jesus be with you. Col. 3:17