Application Process -
New CPE Student

Thank you for your interest in enrolling as a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) student. To begin the process, please fill out the new student form provided below. This form will guide you through completing the full application, which includes templates for the necessary documents.

You’ll be scheduled for a student interview once you’ve completed the application, uploaded your documents, and paid the $25 application fee.

For first-time students, there are specific papers to write, including descriptions of a Ministry Encounter, Personal History, Religious and Spiritual Development, and Your Understanding of CPE. These papers are not graded but are essential for understanding you better. Don’t worry; we provide templates for these documents in the application.

Tuition & Fees

Christian Chaplains & Coaching

Non-refundable Application Fee: $25

Due at the time of submitting this application.

Christian Chaplains & Coaching

Campus and Coaching Fee: $300

Due at the time of acceptance into the CPE program.

Clinical Pastoral Education Internation (CPEI)

Non-refundable Enrollment Fee (per course): $75

Tuition (per course): $1199

Due two (2) weeks before the start of the course term/semester.


Please begin the process promptly by submitting the basic information below. This will lead you to the complete application.