Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My password or username isn’t working.

A. Click on the “Forgotten your username or password” option below the login. Fill out the information requested. There will be a option to either give your email address or your username, which are most likely the same. Once you have filled out your email or screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-10-04-22-pmusername, you will be sent an email that looks like this:

“A password reset was requested for your account ‘’
at Christian Leaders Institute.

To confirm this request, and set a new password for your account, please
go to the following web address:
(This link is valid for 30 minutes from the time this reset was first
If this password reset was not requested by you, no action is needed.
If you need help, please contact the site administrator.”

Click on the link given to you and you will be able to reset your password.

Q. How do I begin my first class, the Getting Started class?

A. To start your first class, go to “My Courses” and it will show the “Getting Started Class.” Once you have clicked on the class and seen all the information at the top of the class, start scrolling down and it will start showing all the videos and materials. Start with the first link in the class. As you keep going through the class, your boxes next to the action start getting checked as you go. Once you have completed the “Getting Started” class, you can enroll in other classes.

Q. How do I enroll in a new class once I finish the Getting Started course?

A. To enroll in a new class you go to “All Courses” and select the “Current Semester.” Then it will show all the classes you can enroll in. Once you’ve clicked on the class you want to take, scroll down just a bit and on the left-hand side of the page there is an “Enroll me in this course” option.

Q. I was taking a quiz and I had a network failure. Now my quiz is marked at zero. Do I just have to keep the low grade?

A. No. If you had a network failure, then contact our Help Desk consultant at, and your quiz can be reset.

Q. When can I retake a class if I fail it?

A. If you ever fail a class, you can retake it as soon as enrollment for the next semester is available. Until then you can enroll yourself in another class.

Q. I was watching a video in a class and it stopped halfway through.

A. Almost all of our videos are working correctly and most likely the error is occurring on your end. Here are some ways you can resolve your problem. Try reloading the page or using a different internet browser. If that doesn’t change anything, click on the “Audio” option above the video and you will be able to listen to just the audio. If none of these things are working, then contact the Help Desk consultant at

If you click on a video and it says the link is broken, please contact the Help Desk consultant right away.

Q. How long does it take to complete a class?

A. That normally depends on how fast or slow you take on your assignments. But an average amount of time for you to complete a class if you’re spending 2-5 hours a week is 2-3 months.

Q. I would like CLI to send me ministry money. Who do I contact?

A. Christian Leaders Institute does not raise money or give donations to people or other ministries. We do this because our total focus is to bring high-quality ministry training free of charge. We wish you well in fundraising for your ministry. We also want to remind you that you are not allowed to ask other students at CLI for donations, as stated in the Christian Leaders Institute terms and conditions.

Q. I keep trying to take a quiz and it will not let me. What’s wrong?

A. Either you are trying to take the quiz before you have received a passing grade on the previous quiz or you need to update your Internet browser to the most updated version for your computer.

Q. I’m trying to take a quiz. Every time I click on “Attempt quiz” it won’t allow me to get past that page.

A. Normally this problem occurs when the student has a Windows computer. Please try updating your web browser to the most updated version for your computer. If that doesn’t work, you should try a different web browser.

Q. I would like to transfer all credits that I have done at CLI to the new degree program. Do you know how soon you will have core credit requirements available?

A. Thank you for your interest in the Associate of Divinity degree program. All credits you have already taken at CLI will automatically be transferred to the degree program when you enroll in it. Most core classes are now offered at CLI. 

Q. Do I need to do anything to transfer my CLI required credits to the Divinity Degree program?

A. No. All credits that you have completed at CLI will automatically be transferred toward your Divinity degree.

Q. I do not see an answer for my problem in these Frequently Asked Questions. Who do I contact?

A. Please contact the help desk at with an explanation of the problem.