Becoming a Tennessee Wedding Officiant

Have you been asked to officiate a wedding in Tennessee? Are you interested in becoming a Tenneessee Wedding Officiant that is credentialled as a recognized minister? The state of Tennessee frowns on online-only wedding officiant licensing or ordination. Christian Leaders Institute has trained and empowered Christain wedding officiants in Tennessee since 2014. You can take your training and be recognized by the Christian Leaders Alliance as a credentialed Christian wedding officiant in Tennessee and all fifty states.


In 2019, lawmakers of Tennessee outlawed “online only” ordination. They felt that filling out a form for an instant ordination was not a “considered, deliberate, and responsible act” of becoming a legitimate wedding officiant.  The Universal Life Church sued the state of Tennessee, and that suit is going forward as of June 2022. Online ordinations may be allowed in Tennessee again if the Universal Life Church wins.

The Real Issue

The Universal Life Church may win the case, but the real issue is not the legality of becoming a wedding officiant in Tennessee. It is whether you are qualified and confident.  Do you have the skills, confidence, and credibility to be a wedding officiant?

The Christian Leaders Program

The Christian Leaders training and program is a deliberate act. You will have 5 hours of ministry skills training at Christian Leaders Institute. You will supply one endorsement of your character. These “deliberate” acts establish your credibility as a licensed wedding officiant in Tennessee and all fifty states.

Becoming a Tennessee Wedding Officiant Program

What does this program look like? It is a Christian program where you will be guided by a Christian world and life view. You will also be able to expand to other minister roles if performing a wedding peaks your interest in more minister roles. There are many minister training programs to pick from.


  1. Enroll at the Christian Leaders Institute by establishing a student account. On the Dropdown menu, you can select your ministry training interest. One of those interests is Wedding Officiant. This will take about 30 minutes of your time. Enroll now.
  2. After you finish the “Getting Started Course,” you are invited to enroll in the freely given Christian Wedding Officiant Skill course. This course includes lectures and activities to make you confident as a credentialed Tennessee Wedding Officiant minister.
  3. Get Credentialled with the Christian Leaders Alliance. After you complete the Wedding Officiant Skill course, You must gather one recommendation and complete your wedding officiant profile. You will be recognized as a Christian wedding Officiant in Tennessee.
  4. Order your credentials. This is optional. Ordering your physical credentials does support the ministry of bringing high-quality, freely given ministry training around the world. Click here to find out more.

Take Aways

Christian Leaders wants you to serve in ministry, whether doing one wedding for your niece or doing wedding business by becoming a wedding officiant in Tennessee. Christian Leaders offers you training with the Christian Leaders Institute and credentialling with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Thousands have become volunteer, part-time, and full-time ministers through these programs. We invite you to consider becoming a wedding officiant. Perhaps, it will be the first step to other ministry roles.