Christian Leaders Institute in Partnership with Benefit Mobile. 

Benefit is a mobile payments app that supports Christian Leaders Institute through your everyday transactions.

You can support the raising up of revival leader without spending an extra penny then you already had to spend in your everyday transactions.

Shop at America’s leading national retailers in-store and online. At checkout simply use the Benefit app to pay. Each transaction sends 2-20% of your total purchase to Christian Leaders Institute!

What are the Benefits of using Benefit Mobile with CLI?

  1. You are able to now give a percent of your weekly spending to supporting CLI students achieving their ministry dreams globally.
  2. The act of using Benefit Mobile will remind you to pray for all the leaders training at CLI.
  3. With a budget of 1.5 Million in 2019, every dollar counts for CLI to keep this training available and free everywhere.
  4. Every time you reach another $50 in earning for CLI we will send you a coupon code for a 50% off a product with CLI.
  5. You will be enrolled in the correct corresponding Vision Partner Hubs with many other benefits.
  6. Now big retailers like Target and Walmart are giving a part of their earnings to Christian Leaders Institute.

Watch Abby Reyenga use the Benefit Mobile App at Starbucks!

It can be a process to use Benefit Mobile but any amount makes a huge difference for CLI students everywhere!


How to Get Started with Benefit Mobile

1 Download & Support

Download the app “Benefit Mobile”, create an account and we’ll preselect Christian Leaders Institute as your supported cause.

2 Set up a Payment Method

Add a credit card or checking account once and never have to worry about it again.


3 Shop & Pay with Benefit

Type in the dollar amount down to the penny, and instantly be delivered a barcode and card number for immediate in-store or online checkout.


4 Earn & Give

Between 2-20% of the total transaction will go to support your chosen cause. Not a dime is spent beyond what you were already going to spend and you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

CLI in the past year of partnership has raised over $300 with only 6 users using it. Imagine what can be done with a lot more people using Benefit Mobile. Join Today!! Become a part of this incredible movement!

CLI student David Hagen has given over $100 to CLI through using Benefit!

“My name is David H. Hagen. I’ve lived in Saint Louis, Missouri my entire life, been married to an amazing Christian woman for over twenty years and have three wonderful children. I work in information technology, and more specifically, the information security field.

I’m very active in my local church, serving on our intercessory prayer team and leading small group studies. Attaining my deacon minister ordination allows me to further serve the kingdom of God and spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have recently become a leader in my church and have begun teaching classes covering various theological and doctrinal topics. CLI furthers my understanding of these topics and enriches my education by broadening my knowledge on how to successfully interact and minister to the body of Christ. The education I receive at CLI is invaluable!”

David is a revival leader who is using Benefits not only to support his own training but others!

If you still need further assistance you can email Abby Reyenga for assistance at vpadvocate@christianleaders.net

Or check out the Benefit Mobile website: https://www.benefit-mobile.com/