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Corporate Office Hours are from Monday – Friday 800 (8:00 am) – 1500 (4:00 pm) USA Eastern Time

Free Pastor Training

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) is a ministry of Christian Leaders, which is a 501 (c) three non-profit ministry.  Christian Leaders Institute trains thousands of Christian Leaders in 120 countries. Thousands of students are signing up to enroll in the Christian Leaders Getting Started Class to find out if advanced ministry training is right for them.

Christian Leaders Institute seeks called leaders who sense the call into ministry no matter what their financial situation looks like. Christian Leaders Institute offers high-quality ministry training.  Leaders get training right where they live in connection with a local sponsor/mentor of their choosing.

We make this training available free of charge for any called Christian leader.  Every accepted student who agrees to our faith statement and who completes the getting started class gets an opportunity to have advanced training.

Christian Leaders Institute offers over 22 advanced ministry training classes. Most of the classes include the study materials in the electronic syllabus so that students will not need to buy books.

We ask students to make donations of any amount as they study at Christian Leaders Institute. This student donation helps students to realize the value of each course offered, and it supports the dreams of others in their ministry training journeys.

History of  Christian Leaders InstituteChristian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders was founded in 2002 by Rev. Henry Reyenga Jr. under the encouragement of Rich DeVos Sr. and Ron Parr, who agreed to be part of the founding board of directors. The founding mission of Christian Leaders was to raise up reproducible Christian Leaders to spread Christianity everywhere.  Henry and his wife Pam committed themselves to this calling and work.

Shortly after starting Christian Leaders, Henry studied the use of the Internet as a tool for reproducing Christian leaders. Finally, his study of cutting-edge Internet technologies brought him to start offering Internet classes in 2006 and Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) was born.  Christian Leaders Institute brought advanced training to CALLED leaders in the United States and Canada. Starting in 2010, CLI spread to the entire English-speaking world.

In 2008, Dr. David Feddes became the first provost. Dr. Feddes was the radio minister of the Back to God ministry. Dr. Feddes and his wife Wendy are called to bring high-quality ministry training everywhere.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 4.54.54 PM

David and Wendy Feddes

Christian Leaders has started partnering with Mentor Centers. Mentor Centers are local groups which encourage and support each other in their ministry training. In effect, these mentor centers function in many parts of the world as micro-seminaries.

In 2014, Christian Leaders NP, has begun an ordination program where graduates of the Christian Leaders Diploma are ordained locally and recognized at the Christian Leaders Directory.

Board & Staff

2015 Christian Leaders Institute Board of Directors Including Legacy Board Member

Brian DeCook
David Zillig
Ed Van Drunen
Debbie Roesch
Henry Reyenga Jr.
Richard De Vos Sr. (Legacy Board Member)
Ron Parr
Todd Hazelton

The Christian Leaders Institute Staff

President – Henry Reyenga, Jr.
Provost – David Feddes
Technology Director – Jerry Lorenz
French Provost – Dr. Paul Mpindi
Core Classes Dean and President Office -Bob Zomermaand
Editor – Pam Reyenga
HR and Program Manager – Ann Merkle
Office Manager – Kellie Crowell

Administrator, Registrar  and Editor – Brianna Prince
Web Blogging and Social Media – Christina Harris
Provost Assistant – Wendy Feddes
Accountant and Book Keeping – Jane Weemer

Christian Leaders Institute Faculty

CLI faculty members combine keen intellect with enthusiastic experience in outreach and ministry. We strongly believe in making disciples of all nations. All CLI professors have advanced degrees, almost all have planted a church, and most have international or inter-cultural mission experience. CLI professors believe that Bible-based home-discipleship builds spiritual strength and inter-generational Christianity.

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