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From Death to Life

Hello, my name is Amyjo Ohms. I live in the United States in Southern Illinois. The tuition-free training and resources at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Story

Married to an incredible God-fearing Man, we have eight beautiful children. My journey from death to life came at a time when all was lost, or so I thought. The day the Lord called me out is a day that will forever mark the death of the old me. Yet, today, I stand very much alive in Him! For me, to Live IS Christ!

I grew up in Southwest Pennsylvania. God was no part of my upbringing. We weren’t “anti-Christ.” We were doing life our way. Later, I realized this was because my parents were brought up the same way. Life was challenging at times. In those times, I often wondered what I was even alive for. Alcohol, drugs, violence, anger, hatred, and the like, seemed to be a way of life. However, not everything was that tough. Holidays like Christmas and Easter seemed to calm these demons for a short time. Still, I wondered in my heart, when life returned to normal, what the purpose of life was.

Searching for Purpose

When I became a teenager, this didn’t change. I wondered all the more. However, now I needed to go find out. I searched the world for that purpose, love, and acceptance in all the wrong places. I searched for my “calling,” so to speak. However, I wouldn’t have called it that back then. I wanted a reason to live. So long story short, I found myself in situations a 15-year-old girl should not be in.

The pivotal point in my life was an abnormally bright late December day. I sat in mourning in a run-down old trailer, all alone. It was only two weeks after the suicide of my best friend, my older brother. Utterly hopeless, thoughts of taking my own life returned with a fierce vengeance! As I sat in that second-hand chair, something hit me. I didn’t know what it was then, but now I call it “hope of life.” I stood to my feet, looked out into the bright sunlight, and declared to no one in particular, ” I don’t have to stay here!” I did not realize what exactly that meant at the time or even what was next. But I did know that there just had to be more out there. More for me. A purpose. MY purpose! And I was going to find it!

That very day (I am sure now, through Divine intervention), I met the man who would save me from myself and lead me lovingly into the Light and LIFE! This man, now my husband, was different. I wasn’t quite sure at first what it was. But then, not three months later, I met Jesus! Then, I knew! I accepted Jesus’s call on my heart, having very little head knowledge of Him, but my heart just knew.

Life and Purpose in Christ

Here I am, twenty-five years later! More alive than ever! I have given myself over to His will every day, knowing without a shadow of a doubt He calls me to more incredible things!

With a deep desire for purpose, I knew my purpose in the very early years was to raise my children in the Love and Way of the Lord. So I did, to the very best of my ability, even accepting God’s call out of my career as a Graphics Designer to be a stay-at-home Mom. This did not come easy. Being a large family with one income was challenging many times. But God. He provided in tangible ways proving to me that following Him when it didn’t make sense was what faith is all about.

A New Season and Purpose

Now, I find myself in a new season. As I am rearing up the last three of my children with only a few years of schooling left, I have sensed a call to a new ministry. I prayed about what that may be. And the Lord, my precious Lord, has made it clear. In September of 2022, I literally got a call. One of my dear friends wanted me to partner with her in creating a local Women’s Shelter. I have long known of this dream of hers and was all in as she explained that God told her it was time!

Oh, but I, inadequate, unschooled in many areas, and very much underqualified to carry out such a mission knew what I needed to do. PRAY! So I did! The next day, I came across Christian Leaders Institute. It was in my search for schooling that wouldn’t “break the bank” as I am still a stay-at-home homeschooling Momma.

I was thrilled as I looked through the CLI website with its tuition-free ministry training and resources. Eager to start, I threw myself right in and finished several classes even before finishing my Getting Started class! Through many of the courses, God has made this new mission He is calling me to all the more clear! I now am on a mission to add a “Life Coaching and Mentor Center” to the “Broken Chains Sanctuary Women’s Shelter!” How perfect is that! There is no such shelter or Mentor Centers in our area at this time.

Tuition-Free Training and Resources at CLI

We, with the help of Christ, are going to make this happen. We are in the baby stages. However, I now feel fully armed with the knowledge and resources through CLI that we will need as we proceed! My vision is becoming more precise with every class I take! It will be beautiful to see lives changed through this mission God has called my friend and me to! I cannot wait! Please, join us in prayer about this! Our community is in desperate need!

Jesus Christ gives me purpose! And I plan to LIVE it out through HIM, who called me!

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