Free Ministry Training at CLI

My name is Sebastian Kotyk, and I am receiving free ministry training at CLI. I live in Germany. I graduated from a German school receiving the entry certificate required for enrolling at German Universities. In the religion class back then, I had had the opportunity to get the teacher to answer some of the questions I had at that time.

My Faith Journey

I grew up believing in God and that Christ is the Savior. I went to a local congregation and today stick to the very same basic concept in my understanding of the Bible. God has paved my way quite alright. Not an obstacle to be able to inhibit my way. Okay, it wasn’t an easy-going life I lived. However, since I realized that I was lost without Christ’s gift of salvation, I pursue God the Trinity and Jesus as my Savior.

As I knew, you only must believe in the gospel with all your heart and strength; tell Him and receive – so did I. Claiming the gospel to be the truth helped me to have a proper addressee in Jesus to explain what went wrong in my mind. If I hadn’t known it from my parents back then, it would have been harder to believe in the Jesus-concept.

Study at CLI

To be at Christian Leaders Institute is quite simple, honestly. If theology it’s your thing, you just need the capacity or strength and the time to invest in your studies. So, I’m excited to see whether I have it!

For me, the training at CLI will hopefully equip me to talk in a more precise way about Christ. I want to pass it on as directly as possible for the counterpart to realize and have the opportunity to react on this information in his or her unique way, you know?!

As training mostly costs and due to the reality of money, CLI allows me the opportunity to study for free. Since I don’t have to set other priorities aside, I decided to give it a go at CLI.

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.

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