Christian Leaders Institute Teacher Assistant Volunteer Training

Welcome to the Teacher Assistant Training


We praise God for your willingness to volunteer in helping in this very critical role at CLI. We cannot stress enough the importance of this role and do not take this position lightly. You have met the requirements and been interviewed for this teacher assistant role to be given to you. 

This is so important to fellow CLI students it is a blessing and an encouragement as they study in various classes. You will be uplifting, praying, and coming along side them as they journey at Christian Leaders Institute.

You will primarily being doing these 5 tasks:

  1. You will be welcoming students when they enter the class you are assigned. This will be something you will be doing daily/weekly.
  2. Assisting with any questions and support they need. (If you have a question you don’t know how to reply to forward to Florence and Abby
  3. Encouraging and congratulating students on completing quizzes and the class as a whole.
  4. Editing and catching any typos or mistakes in the class.
  5. Looking to see if there is any tricky or too hard quiz questions that should be changed or edited.

Below Abby has recorded training videos on this to help you get started successfully on this volunteer teacher assistant role. Abby is using New Testament Survey as the class training example.

Training Video #1 Welcoming Students to the Class

*Please cc Florence and I on each and every email that you send to students so we can come alongside you in this role and help with any difficult questions that come up. 

Training Video #2 Emailing Students to the Class

*Please note do not add a recovery email or phone and please do not change the password on your teacher assistant email. Do not delete any of your emails either just mark them as read or move them to a folder. We have organization tips Florence will email.

Training Video #3 Editing the Class

*Please note all changes are made in real time please make sure you any typos you correct you are absolutely sure of. Also, make sure to press “Save Changes”.

Training Video #4 Editing the Quizzes

*Note when you have a question that have a low percentage of students getting it correct and the question is needs to be changed. Please email us (, a recommendation for amending the question so it can be vetted and approved by CLI staff before being changed. You can only fix without emailing us a simple typo on an existing quiz. 

Training Video #5 Recapping Teacher Assistant Role

Your next step: Now that you have completed these training videos which you can refer to at anytime we recommend to get started you log into the teacher assistant Gmail we gave you and type up your custom welcome email to the students for your class. 

Here is an example welcome email: 


My name is Jonathan Porter and I have been assigned to support you in the New Testament Survey class at CLI. I also support in Old Testament Survey. It is such a joy to be in this CLI family! 

If you have any questions or concerns about this class or CLI in general, please let me know and I will be happy to assist best I can.

I am here to make your experience in New Testament Survey the best possible in addition to this I can assist in any challenges you encounter in this class.

I will be praying for you as you study the New Testament. May God bless you in your studies and time here at CLI. 

Jonathan Porter 

Christian Leaders Institute Volunteer 

New Testament Survey Support

When you have completed that welcome email please send for review your welcome email and signature to and Also, please ask us any questions on this training and teacher assistant role. 

We are so excited to have you in this teacher assistant role. Thank you so much for serving our Lord and Savior with all your heart and in all that you do. We love you!