Study Theology: Lionel Marcel Bernatchez

Study Theology: Lionel Marcel Bernatchez didn’t Study Theology at first. He started to study a different topic. He starts by giving some background on himself.

“Hello My name is Lionel marcel Bernatchez. I am from canada and I am 25 year old. I am in the city of new brunswick canada in a town call Campbellton.”

Lionel had a dream to Study Theology.

“I came to the lord 5 year ago with my church Pentecost. I am someone that alway dreamed to go study theology.”

Before he decided to Study Theology, he went to college.

“I have studied the bible to became a pastor on my own. I then went to college in 2009 to study psychology.”

Learning difficulties brought him back to his goal to Study Theology.

“I had some help because I have a learning problem. It wasn’t enough to qualify for free classes that would help with my studies.”

Lionel knows that he must Study Theology to be a good pastor.

“I love people and want them to learn more about the lord jesus christ and my dream is to become a pastor.”

He has a deep amount of gratitude to Christian Leaders Institute and its supporters who allow him to Study Theology.

“I want to preach about our savior my dream about this scholarship. I am not better then other everyone is the same for me everyone deserve a chance but for me to get a scholarship.”

Lionel knows that an effective evangelist must be equipped and Study Theology.

“It would be a dream to have a chance to learn more about my savior and giving me a chance to become a ordained minister. I want to to be evangelic and someone to help the pastor in my church.”

He closes by giving thanks for those who have allowed him to Study Theology.

“I want to thank everyone that taking the time to help this ministry. I will pray for everyone that taking these courses and appreciate yours as well. I hope you have a good night  and may the lord jesus christ bless you with love.”


Lionel has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to Study Theology thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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