I am Pastor Frederick Olusegun OLOFINRO, presently residing in Spain. Though I am a Computer Engineer/Programmer/Web & Graphic Designer, I also serve as the associate pastor of my church “Forgiver’s Christian Fellowship”, I also run an online ministry both of my private website and on social media, where I share God’s word through quotes, videos, and images personally designed by me in Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator. Serving God in this part of the word is quiet challenging because many are really lacking the knowledge of God’s word, but we are winning this nation for Christ whether the devil likes it or not.

I was born into a Christian family where my dad served as an elder in God’s vineyard and my mom a prophetess of power. I started serving God’s house from the age of 11, teaching Sunday School, very active in drama ministry, bible reading, and singing, I spent several years in the choir, trained to play drum-set, conga and a little of piano. My whole life has been a life of service in His vineyards and this has really made my life beautiful, though I do faced some challenges as I grow in the knowledge of God’s word but He has always make me an over-comer.

As I mentioned earlier I am recently serving as an associate pastor here, but my future ministry dream is to be able to spread God’s word as much as I can, especially through the internet. By God’s grace I hold a Master in Computer Science, blessed with so much knowledge in the computer world, I want to reach this world with God’s word through this media. I am recently developing another website where God’s word can be shared to many, I was once an owner of a social network site that I shut down due to lack of time, I am planning a re-lunching of the site in order to reach many. God’s word must get to many. I am also working on an Android App which will also help in spreading God’s word.. All to the glory of our God.

The challenge here in the Kingdom of Spain is that people don’t love God here, but we continue to fish men for Christ. I am supported by many here spiritually and morally and I blessed the name of the Lord for their lives. All I am able to achieve today in the ministry all thanks to my parents through the help of the Holy Spirit in them. I will forever be grateful, may the Lord grant them long lives as they continue this race.

The scholarship at CLI is so important to my ministry dream because I can feel and see God is taking me to a higher height to win souls into His kingdom, I feel within myself that I was born for this, though I graduated from the Burning Bush Bible Institute in the year 2002, I still feel in my spirit to go for more training and the scholarship at CLI will help me to be able to achieve this dream. I wish to continue my online ministry training in Spain.

I need prayers against distractions, each time I am able to achieve something great in my ministry the devil uses people and situations to bring distraction, I also need prayers for stability and guidance. Thanks so much and may the Lord bless you all for giving me this opportunity, may the name of the Lord be praised!

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