prison chaplain call

My name is Paul Nielsen. With a bi-vocational prison chaplain call, I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute to be further equipped (Learn more about studying the Bible and ministry classes online, Click Here).

My Spiritual Journey

I became a Christian the first time I heard the gospel at age 14. As a follower of Jesus, I felt the call to be a pastor but couldn’t afford college. So, I joined the US Navy and became a Data System Technician and Petty Officer. The structure of the Navy and studying digital electronics suited me.

After the Navy, I continued my career as a software developer and married Melissa, a wonderful Christian woman who happened to be a paraplegic. We had two kids. During this time, I volunteered in church, leading study groups and serving in the worship band.

While reading Romans, I learned that we don’t choose God. He chooses us. Having discovered Calvinism, I took a handful of classes at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Learning to read scripture from a historical-redemptive hermeneutic changed my world.

Loss and Growth

After 18 ½ years of marriage, Melissa suffered a brain aneurysm on Sept 13, 2002. After two weeks of roller-coaster ups and downs, surgeries, sweet moments of faith, and lots of prayers, Melissa passed away at 3 pm, Thursday, Sept 26, 2002. I never planned on being a single dad, especially with two teenagers who were not pleased with life.

Three years later, I met another wonderful Christian woman, Edie, who had been to Russia ten times on mission trips leading vacation Bible schools in the orphanages. Her dream was to adopt a little girl from that region of Russia. After we married, we did just that and brought home a three-year-old girl.

Meanwhile, my career continued to go well. I specialized in database design and development. Along the way, I published a few technical books – two of which became Amazon best-sellers in their category – founded a software startup, and did lots of public speaking at software conferences. I was still teaching classes at my church and volunteering with computer training at mission organizations.

Aha Moment

But one day, I looked at my bookcase and saw that it was filled with software, business, legal, and marketing books, including a shelf of books I had written. However, only one shelf held a few commentaries and Bibles. Overwhelmed with a sense of loss and shame that I missed my calling and devoted my life to career and fame instead of serving as a pastor, I thought it was too late. I wasted my life.

At about that time, I heard a non-believing billionaire at a conference. He said that the most authentic thing he ever did was to visit a prison and talk with felons. He invited anyone who wanted to do the same to join him. I‘ve always believed that the hard choice is usually the right choice. I also like doing authentic things, so I stepped up.

The first time I entered the prison, I was a bit anxious. It was a business coaching day, and the men I met were eager and enthusiastic about starting a new life once they got out. I never thought I would enjoy serving in prison. However, I started going in regularly as a business coach. When I learned that my church was opening a campus inside the same prison, I jumped from business coach to church volunteer.

Bi-vocational Prison Chaplain Call

After a while, the inmate who served as the inside pastor asked me to become a chaplain. His confirmation of my newfound passion led me to do the extra work to become a prison chaplain in answer to God’s call.

I’m now the lead chaplain at the oldest working prison west of the Mississippi, and I love it. I tell the inmates that God can redeem the wasted years. He uses everything in your past to make you the person you are to glorify Him. The years I spent making the complex understandable are skills that help me as I teach the Bible and theology to guys with various educational levels. The years I spent as a consultant under challenging situations help me remain calm as I deal with the constant prison drama. God is good. I don’t have many years left at my age. However, I know that I’m where God wants me.

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