Claude Leonard Ministries
25-200 2nd Av S
Niverville, Manitoba R0A 0A1
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My ministry started with a call from God

God has always been in my life. In 1990 I became a Born Again Christian with many gifts, Since then God has call me into a healing ministry and also consulting people with their emotional issues. Then 5 months ago He call me to go online and search for something. The I saw CLI and was, somewhat, pushed to click the link. I was interested and ask if this is what you like me to do? God’s answers was: you like to be on the computer? I replied yes but you know that. The He said you like videos? I replied with the same answer. The He said you like puzzled like quiz could be a puzzle, picking the right answer? I one again said yes Lord I love quiz. So what is the problem He replied, and I could feel He was laughing knowing that I would follow. So yes I did follow. The more I study the more I enjoy. To a point that I am reading a leader book by Dale Carnegie and another about Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall. It is amazing how your mind can change and also you life when you become closer to God.

One person at a time
Deacon Minister and Mentor Minister Ministry
21740 SW Blaine ST
Aloha, OR 97003
United States

I’ve been ordained as a Deacon Minister. I’m also a Mentor Minister. I’m working on getting my degree.
I’m blessed being married to a wonderful man Tim Garmon. I thank the Lord for his Blessings in Jesus Name Amen.

Deacon Minister Ministry
21740 SW Blaine ST
Aloha, OR,
United States
Faith Cathedral International Ministries
Bleyerheiderstrasse 7
Herzogenrath, Nordrhein Westfallen 52134
Faith Cathedral International Ministries, Aachen, Germany.
Occupy Till I come
Gordon Ferrell Ministries
106 W. End Ave.
Dickson, Tennessee
United States
Map It
Just Ask Ministries (JAM)
10732 Bennett Road
Dunkirk, NY 14048
United States
To encourage people to ask questions about Jesus and the Bible, and how to apply it to their lives.

In Progress, Busy Right Now Learning to Shepherd. Check back as God inspires you. We can grow and learn to gather sheep together.

Spirit Bound Ministry
338 North 5th Street
Reynoldsville, PA
United States
Hi, my name is Al Hewitt and my wife is Karen. You can find us as the “Spirit Bound Ministry” channel on Youtube.

“Spirit Bound Ministry” began as a two-person singing group in 2003. We sang in local churches for Sunday services, church groups and special occasions. Soon we began to include nursing homes, civic organizations and various other organizations and groups. About four years ago I began my studies at CLI. What began as a personal quest for Biblical knowledge quickly mushroomed into a passion. Now, having 124 credit hours, I have received the Diploma of Divinity and will soon complete the Bachelor of Divinity degree program. I am amazed (and blessed) by the the transformation in my life and our ministry. After 35 years as a salesman and business owner I now regularly find myself at the pulpit of two local churches. Karen and I are still active in our music ministry and, when possible, we incorporate music into the Sunday sermon. I cannot say enough about the outstanding program at CLI, their commitment to excellence in the curriculum and their extraordinary staff. Come visit Spirit Bound Ministry on Youtube at:

Bound by the Spirit, bound in the Spirit, “Spirit Bound Ministry”
Victor Jones Ministry
United States
June 1, 2018
BK Homeless Ministry
United States
I am a CLI graduate with a Diploma of Divinity and Commissioned Pastor Diploma. I am trying to get into a homeless Ministry. My family and I were homeless for a short time and we know how it actually feels to be homeless. I see people everywhere ignoring homeless people and trying to get them out of the neighborhood they live in. I guess people forget that not even Jesus had a place to lay his head. My saying is they are HOMEless but, not LESS.
Holly Ridge Ministries
Promotes the ministry of Jesus Christ