Mentor Centers

MPowered Christian Leaders Training Center (St Petersburg, FL, USA)
Address: 1800 9th Ave N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713
Short Description: Local Mentor Center with additional features including Discipleship Training, Leadership Training, Strategic Revival Planning and Experience through Mission projects.
Long Description:

MPowered Christian Leaders Training Center at UKCF Church: Our Training Center helps provide encouragement, accountability, community, training, and mentoring for students in their Christian education and ministry training journey. Our Training Center combines with Christian Leaders Institute to create an extremely affordable way for students to get support in their studies, build relationships with other students, and even get local ministry experience at MPowered Christian, UKCF Church, and our local partnering churches and ministries. Statistics show that CLI class completion averages only one in ten new enrollees complete their Christian Leaders Basics Certificate compared to seven out of ten completions by those attending a training center! Training centers meet weekly for one hour for a membership fee of $40/month.

– Discipleship Training
– Leadership Training
– Strategic Revival Planning
– Ministry Experience
– Missions Projects

Meets on Saturday afternoons from 12pm – 1pm at UKCF Church in St Petersburg, FL.

Training Center Operator: Pastor Brian Holmes, the founder of MPowered Christian (the ministry that owns this training center). He is a Christian Leader Institute graduate, an Ordained Deacon Minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance, and is an official CLI Vision Partner Ambassador. He has an Associate of Divinity Degree, a Christian Leaders Diploma and a half dozen other certifications from Christian Leaders Institute, and is currently an active student pursuing his Bachelor of Divinity. He is a Teacher, Pastor, Pastoral Counselor, a certified Life Coach, and a certified Deliverance Minister. His expertise and diverse range of specialties make him uniquely qualified to help a wide range of students.

Dieuna Desir Mentor Center
Address: 1525 Rice Court
High Poin North Carolina, NC
United States
Tseke Nchabeleng Mentor Center
Address: 2294 Zone 2
Seapei Street
Pretoria, Gauteng
South Africa
Short Description: I am ready for Mentor Center at the moment, but am busy preparing for my own BIBLE SCHOOL