Christian Leaders Institute has outreaches all over the world. Thousands of students from countries all over the world enroll in our online Bible school each year. Christian Leaders Institute asks students to find local mentors, seeking to raise indigenous leaders who understand the culture and climate in which they reside rather than sending out missionaries who don’t know how to relate to the culture they go to serve. Advances in technology allow us to bring these services to students throughout the world with lower overhead than any other Bible college or seminary.

Online Bible School Outreaches on Six Continents

Christian Leaders Institute is able to offer this online Bible school free of charge through the institution of courses that require little administrative work relative the the amount required in traditional seminaries. Materials are made available online to students free of cost, though the option to buy the materials is always available as well. Video lectures are prerecorded and linked in the courses so that students do not have to be available during specific time slots. All courses are able to be completed at the student’s pace.

Part of the process at Christian Leaders Institute includes the Getting Started course. This orientation to the online Bible school introduces students to the system, but it also acts as a funnel through which only the serious students proceed to further studies. This is essential to our outreach because we are of the firm belief that those who are called by God into the ministry will have the perseverance to complete the Getting Started class so that they can proceed to be trained as a Christian Leader. Additionally, it helps us establish a core set of Christian beliefs and values that determine whether a student can be ordained through the training.

It is this system that allows Christian Leaders Institute to accept and process students from all over the world. We have hundreds of students in Ghana, with more signing up each month. We are even able to reach students in countries where Christianity is a controversial issue such as China, and even Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. It is this efficiency and standard of quality that prompts thousands of students every year to trust their ministry education to Christian Leaders Institute.