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From Darkness to Light

My name is Keith Dalziel. I grew up in the United States. I am in the ordained minister program at the Christian Leaders Institute as I prepare for my calling from God to ministry (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Story

As a typical youngest child, I always sought attention and recognition. I had a high-level IQ and athletic prowess, so plenty of attention came my way. However, my ability to feel content with that attention never existed. Not feeling at ease with myself kept me chasing “better,” resulting in 21 jobs, 35 adult residences, four marriages, and three children. I could get addicted to anything, but sex was my favorite. Sin was a way of life for me, and I tasted it in every way.

Because I was sexualized at a very young age, sexual gratification became an overwhelming addiction and self-esteem drug. If I could get someone to have sex with me, it validated me. My promiscuous behavior got me in trouble repeatedly at work and in my marriages. As I moved toward my 50s, I became increasingly isolated, moving from place to place every six months. My overly sexual behavior made it difficult to hold a job.


My last job before my fall was working in a homeless shelter. There, I spent my work time with one of the female residents. After 6 or 7 weeks of carrying on, we agreed to have sex. After that, she made a sexual assault accusation against me through my work. I quit before they could fire me, and it led to feeling depressed and suicidal.

I had so much self-hatred and shame that I wrote a goodbye email to my sister. At that moment, I was either going to run away to start a new life or I was going to commit suicide. That is when my sister wrote back an email talking about Jesus and His Grace. An atheist then, she put something in my heart that was enough to keep me going.

I had to get rid of who I was, but I did not know how at the time. There had to be a better version of me. During a 9 year stint in Alcoholics Anonymous, I learned how to pray through the 12 steps. So, I started there. The new year 2022 brought a Vision Plan and more daily prayer. By August, I began to feel a bit better about myself. I was sticking to my Vision Plan, and life improved. My job seemed steady, and I even made some new friends.

My Crash and God’s Grace

And then boom!! On August 4, a certified letter came suing me for sexual assault. My world crashed in on me, and I was unprepared. Distraught, I was taken by ambulance to the local hospital. I went for nearly three days without eating, talking, or leaving my room. Very early on the third morning in the hospital, I fell to the bathroom floor and cried out to God. I begged Him to enter my life.

Soon after, I received a vision so powerful I would never call myself an atheist again. The message was simple and intense: Follow God’s path and trust Him. I shared that vision with a social worker named Heaven shortly after. Heaven shared with me a painful loss she recovered from, and my hope grew. My desire for answers about my vision led me to request an appointment with the hospital Chaplain. The next day, the Chaplain imparted the wisdom I needed. She brought me to Christ that day, and I have not stopped pursuing him.

After accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I contacted the plaintiff’s attorney and told him what had happened. Even more, I shared my detailed financial information with him, offered to testify to the truth in open court, and told him I was open to any settlement amount. I don’t recommend this as solid legal advice, but it is what the Holy Spirit instructed me to do. While the case remains open against my employer, my case settled quickly. I have not been able to reach out to the victim, but I remain open.

Ordained Minister Program at CLI

During my stay in the hospital, one of the other residents invited me to church. When Sunday came, I walked into the church and immediately felt the presence of Jesus Christ. I have not missed church since. Prayer and reading scripture are now daily habits. In the beginning, Proverbs was my focus. It helped give me simple moral instructions on right and wrong, and writing on Proverbs activated my desire to study.

During this time of Bible study, I received an unmistakable call to the ministry. While God has not revealed all the future to me, he has set me on a clear path to study the word through the Christian Leaders Institute. I am in the Ordained Minister Program at this time. But, I keep my ears open to hear God’s direction wherever He leads. In God, I have a purpose. In Christ, I am reborn.

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