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Online Ministry Training Admission Process

This Online Ministry Training Admission is organized around three tracks:

1. Free Ministry Training – Classes are free and you can print out unofficial awards

This Online Ministry Training Admission track is funded by donations. This track makes all the ministry training credit classes free and allows CLI to offer high-quality ministry training everywhere. CLI offers this training the  possibility of reaching millions with only small incremental increases to our core budget. Students in this track can see their progress and print out their unofficial award

2. Official Awards Track – Classes are free, but your donation supports the class and the sending of the official award.

Some students and graduates of CLI indicated that they needed official documentation such as ID cards and awards screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-8-30-47-pmetc. While all the classes are free for this track, each unique verification and certification of classes completion including each certificate, diplomas, and ordination take specific staff effort. This effort is support by donations that help provide this service. The costs for this specialization and personalization is supported by donations from the students who need this service.

3. Degree Program – Classes are free to take, but your donation supports the classes and finalizes your verification, certification, accreditation and administration.

Some students and graduates have been asking for a degree program that is accredited. Christian Leaders Institute is pleased to have the quality classes that allow us to offer a college level degree at a minimal  cost for those who want this and need this. This degree is another service CLI provides for students. Since these degrees requires staff time and effort for verification, certification, accreditation, and administration,  We have a required fee/donation structure in open this door to students.

How Do I Enroll?

1. Enroll free of Charge with your name, email address, and country. When you do this you have started the Online Ministry Training Admission process.

2. Receive an email from Christian Leaders Institute and a password. Check your junk mail if you do not get the email.

3. Log in with your email and password and begin the required Getting Started Class.  Complete this class and you receive your scholarship for track one – the free ministry training.

4. After you receive your scholarship, are free to take all the CLI classes. You will be automatically enrolled in the Christian Basics class. You will have an opportunity to take a placement test that will grant you credit for the Christian Basics class. When completed, you receive your first certificate, the Christian Basics Certificate. You may print your unofficial certificate out on your computer. Successful completion of this course also opens up all the free ministry training courses at Christian Leaders Institute.

5. After you take the getting started classes, enroll in your next free class to receive more ministry training.

6. The Christian Leaders Graduate recognition system will help you progress as far as you need to go. Icons will light up as you pass through higher levels of ministry training. Christian Leaders Institute now offers some exciting ordination options.

Online Ministry Training Admission Policy Disclosures

Withdrawal Policy: Fees/Donations for Awards and Administration are not refundable.

See the Terms and Conditions of enrollment that explains the many CLI policies including such things as cheating, plagiarism, appeals, privacy policy and conflict resolution.

Accreditation Disclosures

Christian Leaders Institute grants religious certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Christian Leaders Institute is not accredited by any state or federal accrediting agency. However, Christian Leaders Institute’s academic programs are recognized by several organizations, such as ACEA and a growing list of other schools.

Christian Leaders Institute has graduates in all fifty states and 158 other countries in the world.

In regards to the Degree Program:  Christian Leaders Institute is an independent Christian Non-profit that provides college-level ministry training worldwide. Christian Leaders Institute is officially Christian Leaders, NFP.  Check out our accrediting partners.

Transfer Policy


A student desiring to transfer from another college may just begin the Getting Started Class. Transfer credits will be accepted into the Divinity degree program.

Christian Leaders Institute will accept traditional or non-traditional accredited  courses if our registrar can verify that the previous college(s) attended are providers of quality higher education. Christian Leaders Institute will also receive college level examinations such as CLEP.

Request  your transcript in a sealed envelope to:

Christian Leaders Institute
Attn: Brianna Prince, Registrar
17771 West Spring Lake Rd
Spring Lake, Michigan  49456

Or the educational institution can email your transcripts directly to


Christian Leaders Institute will review all credits from acceptable Christian schools and will transfer in as many as are comparable to our programs.  The tuition-free credits official or unofficial earned at Christian Leaders Institute and transferred to another school are done so at the discretion of the receiving school.  There is no guarantee that Christian Leaders Institute will accept transfer credits from other schools, nor is there any guarantee that other schools will accept transfer credits earned at Christian Leaders Institute.  The student should contact each school of interest regarding that school’s policy of transferring credits. Christian Leaders Institute is developing relationships with other colleges and seminaries willing to recognize Christian Leaders Institute graduates and coursework for transfer and admission purposes.

Published Fees/Donations For Track Two Official ID Cards, Certificates, Diplomas, and Ordination

Administration Donations for all Tiers Nations

Official Student ID Card:

Student Discount Amount: $36.50

Official Embossed Christian Basics Certificate

Amount $35 (without case)

Official Embossed advanced Certificates:

General Sponsorship Amount $50
Student Discount Amount: $50  (Student Discount Includes The Case)

Official Embossed Diplomas:  

General Sponsorship Amount $75

Student Discount $75  (Student Discount includes the Case)

Official Embossed Ordination Certificates:

Including letter of Good Standing, Clergy Parking Pass with Ordination ID Card:

General Sponsorship Amount: $125 without case
Student Discount: $99 without Caseimage11

Official Divinity Degree Program Fee/Donation for Associate and Bachelor
Associates Degree:  $900
Bachelor Degree: $900

Global Mission Fund for Tier 1 Nations Non-Degree Awards (Awards are not sent in Custom Covers)
Global Mission Fund for Tier 1 Divinity Degree Programs 

Associates Degree:  $120
Bachelor Degree: $120

Global Mission Fund for Tier 2 Nations NonDegree Awards (Awards are not sent in Custom Covers)

Global Mission Fund for Tier 2 Divinity Degree Programs 
Associates Degree:  $300
Bachelor Degree: $300

Global Mission Fund for Tier 3 Nations NonDegree Awards (Awards are not sent in Custom Covers)

Global Mission Fund for Tier 3 Divinity Degree Programs 
Associates Degree:  $420
Bachelor Degree: $420

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