Online Bible School Education

The Path to Become a Christian Certified Life Coach

My name is Hazel Waterman, and Christian Leaders Institute is giving me an online Bible School Education for free (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here). I am married with two adult children and two grandchildren. We currently live in Toronto, Canada.

In Sunday school, I heard the story of the Good Shepherd. The teacher stated that if anyone did not have a father, they could ask God to be their Father. My dad was not living with me, so I asked God to be my Father. He has been faithful for more than six decades.

The Change

Have you ever been walking along the path of life enjoying the scenery, listening to the birds, feeling the wind on your face, just enjoying life, when suddenly you trip and find yourself in a hole, and the way out seemed impossible?

A few years ago, I found myself in that position. I was contented with coasting into retirement as the Director of a Child Care Centre and an Early Childhood Educator. My career and family, especially my granddaughter, were gratifying. My life was going according to my plans, but God had other plans for my life.

As time progressed, this path became very winding. The scenery became familiar and boring. The challenges became very difficult. Discontentment and frustration paved my way. I had a visceral feeling that something had to change.

The change came in the form of upgrading my Early Childhood Education Diploma to a Degree. Earlier, I had rejected a university education because of a High School friend’s death. As a young wife and mother, my energies were focused on child-rearing and my career. So, I was excited to explore this educational opportunity. There was a longing for knowledge, so attending classes and working part-time was my plan.

The Hole

However, God had His plan. I began my university journey, and I fell into the hole. The hole came in confusion and inability to study, anxiety, lack of energy, doubt, depression, and fear. There were several questions. Did I hear God? What was happening? Could I do this? I had the desire to do this course of study, but I couldn’t. Deep soul searching, repenting, seeking God and His Word for answers followed. My family gave me the gift of time and silence to work through this season of my life.

The Rope of Hope

A friend walking along her path saw me in my distress. She threw me a rope of hope by saying,” God has a unique purpose for your life.” Those words formed a knot for me to grasp unto. Another knot was attached when a volunteer position became available to work in a community Healing Room. Additional knots to the rope came in the form of Health Coaching and JMT Coaching Programs. These programs also came with a price tag, but the investment and the knowledge I gained were invaluable. The practical experience of coaching felt natural.

My Choice and Finding CLI

However, something was missing, and my resources were depleted. Three choices were available to me. First, do a U-turn and return to the familiar path. Second, practice the wisdom of Psalm 46: 10 – “Be still and know that I am God.” And third, the imperative of Ephesians 6:13 – ” To stand.” I chose a combination of the last two options.

One day while doing a generic search on the internet, Christian Leaders Institute – CLI – Strong Biblical-
Based Ministry Training – Online Bible School popped up on my computer screen. I immediately wanted to know what was the hidden cost as nothing in life is free. Someone has to pay the price to give you the gift called Free.

Study at CLI

I listened to the first video in the admission class at CLI. Professor Rev. Henry Reyenga introduced himself and mentioned the Christian Denomination that holds his ministerial credentials. His words were like music to my ears. Individuals from that denomination had spent seventeen years assisting us as parents to raise and educate our children with a biblical worldview. This investment into our children’s lives was priceless, and we are reaping the fruit of that investment. Therefore, I started my first course, and I found myself at the beginning of being a Licensed Christian Life Coach.

This gift of Free Online Bible School Education will allow me to achieve my spiritual dream of walking alongside others and helping them discover their purpose and how to partner with the Living God to reach their potential and walk in their unique path.

Thanks to all of the CLI partners who paid the price to buy me Free Ministry Training!