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Expedition Unknown

Hello! I am Blaiz Spears, from Texas in the USA. I am on a journey and called to ministry by God. God has led me to the Christian Leaders Institute with its free online Bible and ministry courses (Learn more about free online Bible and ministry courses, Click Here).

The following is a short synopsis of my walk with Christ as well as where it might go. I am from the United States in hot and humid, southeast Texas. I am a husband to the most extraordinary woman I know. Currently, I work in the petrochemical industry. Like most people, my journey has been anything but smooth. From childhood to the military, He has shown me the way.


When I was 12, I had made a friend and was over at his house most of the time. His parents grew to love me and even paid for my church camp that following summer. I thought I was going to hang out with friends and play some cool games. Little did I know my life would change that week. During a group gathering, something washed over me, and I began to uncontrollably cry. At that moment, I surrendered everything to Jesus and asked Him for forgiveness. The weight that left my shoulders was indescribable. My mind began to open up, and I began to understand the vision He has for us.

Bad Path

As I got into high school, I gave in to peer pressure and did things that were terrible for the mind, body, and soul. After high school, I continued down that path and met a woman that I thought was the answer to my problems. It ended up being a very toxic situation. It caused me to lose contact with family and friends. Towards the end of that relationship, I began to reach out to God. I prayed that He would take me away from the drugs and toxicity. Once again, He didn’t fail me. He freed me from the clutches of addiction and from a terrible relationship.

Today’s Path: Online Bible and Ministry Courses at CLI

Once I got back on track, I met my wife, served honorably in the Texas Army National Guard, and now have a career that I love as well as support. My wife and I moved into a new area about two years ago. It has been hard finding a church home we are comfortable with. As I continue to pray to Him to help us find a church, God has also been putting ministry and serving into my heart. I am not sure what direction He wants me to go, but I know He has never failed me in the past. Therefore, I am looking forward to seeing why CLI was brought into my life.

Thank you and God bless.

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