Mission Turkey: Seth Yander

Mission Turkey: Seth Yander (name changed for protection) is not afraid to stand up for Mission Turkey. It is outlawed for him to pursue Mission Turkey, but that won’t stop him.

“I’m Seth Yander (23) from Turkey. I live in a country where 99% of the population is culturally Muslim. Unfortunately the other 1 percent is not only Christians. We are four thousand believers in a 75 million populated country. It is (not officially but practically) forbidden to start a new church and build a new church building here. Police watch every single step of us and there are tons of files about all of us.”

Few other places can rival the danger Seth faces for Mission Turkey.

“Most people believes we are a threat to Turkey. There are fake stories everywhere about what terrible people Mission Turkey: Seth Yanderand liars we are. Things are better than in the past. They don’t kill us for converting anymore. They kill us for sharing instead. (Research “Malatya Zirve Yayınevi Massacre”) In metropolitan areas like İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir it is almost free to share and live as a Christian. In anatolian cities like my hometown and the other 80 percent of the country, it is still a big deal to be able to share freely. We are alive and praying for our nation to believe and be tolerant to believers. At least we are in a way better condition than Christians in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.”

Mission Turkey was scoffed at by Seth

“I’m coming from a Sunni Muslim Turkish family which fought well against every kind of ‘crusaders of the west.’ I was just like them right before I believed in truth. I was a conservative Muslim boy who always kept his duties such as salat,prayers, etc. I had a deep understanding of and faith in Kur’an and Muhammed. One day I was making fun of Christian faith and thinking about how lame it is.”

A spiritual event jolted him to join the cause of Mission Turkey

“At some point of thinking I unconsciously said “Jesus is God.” All of a sudden I felt something warm in my heart and an unexplainable joy. Since that minute I believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity. I was the happiest man in the world and with that joy I told everyone about my faith. Except for my American teachers in my college, no one liked it. Now still without any kind of support I’m praying to keep myself on God’s righteous path. I know I can’t do it without God’s Holy Spirit. Without God’s existence in me, I couldn’t have stood for a second for sure…”

A native perfectly positioned to grow Mission Turkey

“I want to serve as a church planter and grower in Turkey. Existing churches are all supported by foreigners. They have to obey whatever those foreigners say. Unfortunately foreign missionaries in Turkey are mostly cowards and make their churches hide instead of spread the Gospel. They live luxury lives with the help of their churches in their homelands but don’t use that money for spreading the word. I want to start a church without any fear from worldly threats. I believe God appointed me for that. I need a good, solid education before I can show up. I believe this organization is an excellent opportunity for me to use. I don’t have any money to put in my theological education. I need this organization’s scholarship to be able to learn the material I always wanted to learn.”

Without support, its virtually impossible for Seth to reach Mission Turkey

“Please pray for me to be able to learn the necessary knowledge to help people find their paths. Also please pray for me to be courageous and have skills and meet biblical requirements for being a church elder. If you can donate money to this organization, people like me can have their theological education for free and start churches all around the world…”

Seth has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to expand his education for Mission Turkey thanks to the generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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