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“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”   -Mark 16:15 

Building Up Leaders With Ministry Training In Nigeria

Jesus was the greatest at developing leaders. He poured the vast majority of his time into a handful of people. He taught them to be disciple-makers and trusted that future generations would hear the Good News because of their witness of him. With CLI, we are a part of that great plan of God, and it spans from the youth to the older generation. Seeing how Jesus taught many at no cost, we look to train our future leaders of today under the same principle. Through God’s grace and guidance, may our graduates be a witness of God to do more than we could ever imagine.

Read how God is impacting one of our dear CLI students with his ministry training in Nigeria. God is at work in Nigeria!

Devoted To God To Seek Ministry Training In Nigeria

My name is Angel Newportright, I currently reside in Nigeria. Well, Nigeria is a peaceful and loving country. It embraces diverse religious practices, including Christianity, even if we know it’s more than a religion but more like a fellowship and a relationship with our Maker.

The day I decided to have a walk with the Lord, I was not preached at to repent. It happened as a result of my acknowledgment of human love. Human love is fickle and doesn’t last long. It was during the Christmas season. I received a phone call from my girlfriend that night and if I can recall it was the only call I received that day. It was not easy, but I realized there is nothing like the love of God. I remember while I was a little child, there was a day the Lord himself visited me but I was not able to take a full glance at him. I ran from his presence and fainted that day. It’s a day I will never forget in my whole life. This was how I made up my mind to follow the Lord with my whole life till the day I meet with him.

As I started my walk with the Lord, after several months of my walk with him, the Lord chose me to be an apostle in his ministry. I have said to myself I will not fail in that which the Lord has committed to my hand. My dream is to be the expression of God’s spirit, that someday when men see me they will say ‘that is the definition of The Holy Spirit.” I want to possess what I call, “Total Demonstration of God’s Power.”

I love to be addressed as an Apostle because that is the ministry of my calling. My church has made it possible for anyone who strongly desires to be a part of the ministry’s calling. My family has also helped me in my calling into ministry.

Ministry training in Nigeria with C.L.I has helped me so much as to attaining the right training as I desire for it to equip me for the ministry handed to my care.

God is so gracious and so loving and so kind to have chosen me to be among His ministers.

If You Are Looking For Ministry Training In Nigeria

Look no further! Christian Leaders Institute prepares those called and desiring to be a church leader with providing full access to our free ministry training in Nigeria with online classes. We are dedicated in building up leaders. We encourage all to be equipped for God which is why our ministry training in Nigeria and across the world is FREE for all! Click here to be redirected to our simple application form! Be blessed my brothers and sisters in the name of the Lord! Visit us on Facebook and like our page to continue reading incredible stories by our students and graduates.

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