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Debt Free College Degree

Debt Free College Degree: My Gratitude for CLI

Debt Free College Degree at CLI Blessings in Christ to the wonderful president, students, staff in general, professors, and ALL the body that makes a debt free college degree at Christian Leaders Institute possible. My name is Angel Luis Gerena,…
Free Online Australia Bible Training

Free Online Australia Bible Training – Women Revival Leaders are Being Raised Up!

My name is Janine Bower (Parslow). I am 47 years young and live in Perth Western Australia. I belong to a beautiful Christian community part of a church not far from home. This community is very accepting of people of all races, backgrounds…
Free Australia Ministry Training

Free Australia Ministry Training – A Story Of God’s Amazing Redemption, Restoration, And Love

Free Australia Ministry Training My name is Sarah. and I live in a beautiful part of Australia close to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and rainforests. I live with my husband and have six amazing children (yes, you read correctly).…
Teaching Minister Call

Teaching Minister Call

Teaching Minister Call My name is Terrence Wilkerson, and I have a teaching minister call on my life. I was born in 1992 in Taylorville, IL, USA. My mom (Jo Wilkerson) was young at 17 when she had me, and I’m not entirely sure how old my…
Life Changing Opportunity

Life Changing Opportunity

Life Changing Opportunity My name is Naomi Wood, and Christian Leaders Institute is a life changing opportunity for me. I am from the beautiful mountains of Durango, Colorado. My age is 20 years old, and I grew up in the agriculture industry…
Free Online Christian Education

Free Online Christian Education: It’s all about Jesus!

Free Online Christian Education Opportunity My name is Christian Herring, and I am excited about CLI’s free online Christian education. I am from Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States. Here in Salt Lake City, Utah, it’s a different dynamic…
David's Ministry Journey

David’s Ministry Journey: A Voyage with God

David’s Ministry Journey My name is David Civile, and the following is David’s ministry journey. I came to Christ 30 years ago and have gone through many seasons, which transformed me tremendously. Every time I think I am getting there, then…
Evangelistic Spiritual Dream

Evangelistic Spiritual Dream: Opened Eyes to Christianity

My Evangelistic Spiritual Dream My name is Bryan Mayne, and I have an evangelistic spiritual dream. I reside in a township in regional Queensland, Australia. In my childhood, I grew up in a household where my mother was a Christian, and my…
Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry Call Hello, my name is Arva Thompson, but my friends call me Lacey. I have a prison or prayer ministry call and live in the state of South Carolina in the United States. Becoming a student at Christian Leaders Institute has…
Jean's Ministry Journey

Jean’s Ministry Journey with the LORD

Jean’s Ministry Journey My name is Jean Baptiste Kwizera, and the following is Jean’s ministry journey with the Lord. I am a Rwandan of 47 years old who was born in Uganda and raised in a small community in the eastern part of the RDC- Congo.…
Ministry Story from Nigeria

Ministry Story from Nigeria

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Ministry Story from Nigeria My name is Tolubori Ayo-Alabi, and I am from Nigeria. I am married to an Apostle and Evangelist, and together we are in the work of faith, glorifying Jesus in our calling. It is an awesome thing standing for the…
Equipped Christian Leader

Equipped Christian Leader

Equipped Christian Leader My name is Alida Munro, and I am studying at Christian Leaders Institue to become an equipped Christian leader. I am 43 years old and from South Africa. Here in South Africa, it is not common for a woman to be a Christian…


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2015 October Van Gelder Endorsement and Stories of Impact October 2015 Newsletter



Christian Leaders Institute asks graduates to tell their stories. These stories come from graduates in many places of the world. Each story represents a sampling of what God is accomplishing through Christian Leaders Institute. These are only a small portion of the thousands of stories that have been submitted.

North America Stories

Single Father Prepares for Ministry

Francis tells of how God uses a CLI graduate to bring her to Christ. Now she too is a graduate.

Helping Young People Get on Fire for God! 

Canada Woman Shares Story of Overcoming Disablities and Abuse Ready for Ministry Training

Ex-prostitute training at CLI to be a street preacher in Detroit

Small Town Girl Has Big Ministry Dreams

Blind Man is Given Opportunity for Minsitry Training

Central and South America Stories

Brazil Needs Ministry Training

Evangelist In The Making For Future Panama Revival

Colombia Ministry Training

Europe Stories

European Soccer Star Gets Ministry Training

Free United Kingdom Church Planter Training

Netherland’s KLM Pilot Getting Ministry Training

God is raising up Local Leaders in Sweden

Ministry in Russia

Ireland Ministry Training

Romania is Ripe for Revival

Getting Ministry Training in Spain

Free Ministry Training in the Netherlands

Middle East Stories

Effective Free Ministry Training for Qatar

Ministry Training for Turkey

Africa Stories

Free Ministry Training for Zambia

Training Ordained Leaders – Addressing the lack of sound doctrine being taught in Africa

Ministering in Challenging Places for Christianity

Bringing Revival to Liberia

Church Planter in Cameroon

From Polygamous Muslim To Christian Leader In Nigeria

Asia Stories

God Calls Single Woman to Be Missionary in tbe Philippines 

Indonesian Leader Proclaims the Love of Christ in a Challenging Place for Christian Ministry

India Ministry Training Graduate

Thailand Ministry Training

Australia and New Zealand Stories

Housewife in Remote Australia Gets Ministry Training

Man With A PhD Sees the Value of Christian Leaders Institute Training

Young Married Man in New Zeeland Training For Ministry

World Island Stories

Hard to Reach Island of the World Now Have High-Quality Ministry Training

Remote Island Gets Ministry Training

Christine's Ministry Training Dream

Christine’s Ministry Training Dream: Free Training? Yes!

My name is Christine Asser, and here is Christine’s ministry training dream story. I live in the UK. I am the 7th child of my mother and the 11th child of my father. My birth was in Ghana and my higher education in Russia and the UK. I started going to church at a very young age and joined the church choir in my early teens. My mother said that when she was pregnant with me, she heard a voice telling her to attend the Methodist church. So, she obeyed, and I was born into the Methodist church.

My Journey

I stopped going to church during vacations when I was in secondary school. My nonattendance was because I couldn’t afford to wear new clothes every Sunday. As I attended boarding school, it was compulsory during the term to participate in the church service on Sunday evenings. I also participated in the scripture union meetings. By the time I finished the sixth form, I had lost all my childhood friends due to frequent moves to different towns and addresses.

During my university days, I led my life the best I knew how and made mistakes. At no time in my life did I forget God. But at some point, I had Him in the background, not serving Him or obeying His commands. I completely forgot what God required of me and that nearly ruined my life. There were so many agendas I wanted to complete at my own pace and time. I forgot Proverbs 19:21 “There are many plans in a man’s heart, Nevertheless the LORD’s counsel that will stand.” (NKJV)

Seeking the Lord

After I completed my two years of national service, I desperately sought the LORD. I went to a Pentecost prayer camp for two weeks to fast and pray. There I was completely healed from a stomach ulcer that took my joy from me through primary school until after university. I continued searching and frequently went to mountain tops to pray.

God has blessed me with two beautiful children, which I don’t deserve, but He showed His covenant of kindness to me. I am very thankful.

My Spiritual Dream

My spiritual dream is to establish Christian camps for the youth to attend during their school break vacations in Ghana. I want to help them include God in all their decisions. In Ghana, most of the young girls commit sexual sins that lead to abortions because of their need for food and clothes. The Christian camps will take them from the streets during their vacations and teach them about the LORD.

Obstacles and Growth

Growing into maturity, I encountered many obstacles. I came from a house of abundance, but I lacked everything. I was the only child who was denied things through accusations in my father’s household. This occurrence drastically reduced my trust in people.

I got a job that took me places, but I was still not happy. I got spine tuberculosis and prayed to God that in my pains instead of crying, I would praise him. When I prayed this prayer, God gave me a word in Exodus 14:14, “The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.” This word encouraged me, and I knew I was not going to die.

Next Steps in Christine’s Ministry Training Dream

In both my healing experiences, God became so real and close to me. Many years after the healing, I was praying one day and asked God to reveal Himself to me. I heard a soft voice behind me, saying, “You know I am real.” I have not prayed that prayer again.

In November 2018, I published my first book on Amazon titled “Ask God Questions.” God also allowed me to preach in two churches: St Paul’s Methodist and GICC Assemblies of God. This opportunity has been a great blessing to me and others, though I had no ministry training.

For many years, I tried to go to seminary, but it did not matter how much I searched, the fees were not affordable to me. I prayed about it. I asked God to open doors for Christine’s ministry training dream if it is his will. Just two weeks ago, I found the Christian Leaders Institute on the internet.

Free Ministry Training at CLI

I couldn’t believe it, I checked and double-checked. I told myself that this might be a con. They wanted me to start the course, but then they would hit me with a hefty bill I couldn’t pay. So one week after I registered at the CLI site, I was still afraid to start watching the videos. I saw the countdown that I have wasted seven days. I got courageous and watched and reading the material and realized it is not a lie; it is true. There are no tuition fees. I thank God for CLI, and I pray that God will bless the founders from generation to generation.

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Hayward's Ministry Calling

Hayward’s Ministry Calling Journey

My name is Hayward, and I want to share Hayward’s ministry calling. I live in Detroit, with my wife Theresa of 33 years. My calling began when I was eight years of age. My pastor told me that I would make a great preacher someday because I had a way of talking to people. Later as a young teenager, the Lord called to me and instructed me to follow him. But like most young boys, I choose a different path. It was typical for the youth in my neighborhood to go down the road of drugs and alcohol. Lots of my friends were dropouts in high school. At the age of sixteen, I found myself on the same roller coaster.

The lessons we learn early in life prepare us for the life we must live when we are adults. I had a prayerful mother. It was her prayers and God’s love for me, that kept me from becoming a victim of the streets. There were times when I could have been arrested, or worse, killed doing things I knew were wrong. But God had a purpose and plan for my life.

As I know with certainty, God’s plan is for me to draw near to Him, learn all I can about His Word the Bible, and become a fisher of men. This ministry work is my calling, and this is why I need to learn more about my calling through this ministry training program at Christian Leaders Institute. I was led here by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I am eager to see what the Lord has in store for me through these courses at CLI.

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Free Online Training

Free Online Training

Hello, my name is Peter Serrano, and I am receiving free online training at CLI. Currently, I live in two different worlds. I live with my lovely, intelligent wife Cleofe and our two lively children Rosita and Zoe in the Philippines. We also have a home in New Mexico. I spend most of my time in the Philippines. We are waiting to move back to the states as soon as we are approved by the National Visa Center and get the Visas for my wife and children.

My life has been in a limbo state waiting for our migration back to the states. It is taking longer than I planned. Therefore, I have thoughts that maybe the Lord doesn’t want us to go back to the states. Maybe the Lord wants us to live here in the Philippines. So, I have been praying about this. I ask the Lord: What can I do to support my family? What can I do to become a better example of a Christian man and father?

My Spiritual Dream

When I became born again by the Spirit of God, I had this hunger to read and study His Word. I read the Bible every waking moment I had. Every day, I went to the church, where the Holy Spirit came on me, in my dirty clothes after work to read everything they had about the Bible.

I love to tell people about the Word of God. I love the history of God’s Word and the way God’s word can explain His truths, His nature, His instructions, His love. The way my being becomes filled with power and joy when I am speaking, preaching, teaching, sharing His Word to others is exhilarating. I remember proclaiming that God would make me a pastor. That excited me!

Ministry Training at CLI

Christian Leaders Institute is where I receive my formal education in ministry. I always felt that is wasn’t necessary to be formally educated to be used by God. I thought if one is on the right path and is completely sold out to God then God will take care of the rest. However, I have come to learn that God uses people to teach other people.

I want to know more of God, I want to do more for God, and I want to please God. Not because I have to, but because I love Him. He is my Father, and I want to be a part of what He is doing. I found the Chrisitan Leaders Institute when I prayed and thought to take some online classes while I wait for other area’s of my life to unfold. Hence, I found CLI with its free online training. That these classes are free is a miracle, yet they say the best things in life are free, like salvation.

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