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Free Online Ministry Education

Free Online Ministry Education

Free Online Ministry Education My name is VonTashia Butler, and I am receiving free online ministry education at CLI. I am a resident of Garland, Texas, USA. I am a servant of God, a wife, and mother. My husband and I have been married for…
Evangelism free training

Evangelism Free Training

Evangelism Free Training My name is Edward Kiggundu, and I am receiving evangelism free training at CLI. I am a resident of Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. I was born on June 10, 1987, in Kampala. My wife’s name is Hanifer Kiggundu, and together…
Revival Ministry Dream

Revival Ministry Dream For My Community

Revival Ministry Dream My name is Cynthia G. Brown, and I have a revival ministry dream. My pen name is Carrie Hannah with Christian Faith Publishing. I live in the United States in Buena Vista, Virginia. Born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains.…
Homeless Ministry

Homeless Ministry Dream

Homeless Ministry Dream My name is Tim Cromwell, and I have a homeless ministry dream. As an American, I thought being born in a country that is one nation under God gave me a head start as far as being close to God. In fact, when I was preschool…
Ministry Calling Free Training

Ministry Calling Free Training

Ministry Calling Free Training My name is Connie Freeman, and I have a ministry calling free training dream. I live in Russellville, Arkansas in the United States of America. I did not get to church much as a child but started attending once…
New Ministry Direction

New Ministry Direction

New Ministry Direction My name is Thomas Moore, and I am seeking a new ministry direction for my life. I live in the United States of America. At 56 years old, I have decided to push my interest and curiosities into gear. After living what…
Minister Training Dream

Minister Training Dream

Minister Training Dream Hello, my name is Nicole Kendrick, and I have a minister training dream. I am 23 years old, a wife, mother of one, and a homemaker. I am from a small town in Arkansas in the United States of America. As a child, I grew…
Free Chaplaincy Training

Free Chaplaincy Training

Free Chaplaincy Training My name is Jamae Sippio, and I am receiving free chaplaincy training at CLI. I am from Newark, New Jersey in the United States of America. I attended church during my childhood and learned some scriptures and how to…
Free Evangelism Training

God’s Grace Is Sufficient

Free Evangelism Training God’s grace is sufficient. This is my story of God’s redeeming grace in my life. My name is Jacob Nehlsen, and I am receiving free evangelism training at CLI. I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I am married to a wonderful,…
Free Pastor Training

Free Pastor Training: God Changed my Life

Free Pastor Training Follow Logan on his journey as he answers God’s call to become a pastor with free pastor training at CLI. The Grace of God: How His Pursuit Changed my Life My name is Logan Roberts and I m receiving free pastor training…
Ministry Training Guidance

Seeking God’s Guidance

Ministry Training Guidance Hello! My name is Nickie Burr, and I am seeking ministry training guidance at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in a small town in the state of Arkansas, in the USA, population just over one hundred. In 1996, both…
Ministry Education Free

Ministry Education Free

Ministry Education Free at CLI My name is Walter Rudolph “Waldo” Swart, and I’m eighteen years old. I am excited to receive ministry education free at CLI. I was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. When I was eleven, we (my parents,…


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Christian Leaders Institute asks graduates to tell their stories. These stories come from graduates in many places of the world. Each story represents a sampling of what God is accomplishing through Christian Leaders Institute. These are only a small portion of the thousands of stories that have been submitted.

North America Stories

Single Father Prepares for Ministry

Francis tells of how God uses a CLI graduate to bring her to Christ. Now she too is a graduate.

Helping Young People Get on Fire for God! 

Canada Woman Shares Story of Overcoming Disablities and Abuse Ready for Ministry Training

Ex-prostitute training at CLI to be a street preacher in Detroit

Small Town Girl Has Big Ministry Dreams

Blind Man is Given Opportunity for Minsitry Training

Central and South America Stories

Brazil Needs Ministry Training

Evangelist In The Making For Future Panama Revival

Colombia Ministry Training

Europe Stories

European Soccer Star Gets Ministry Training

Free United Kingdom Church Planter Training

Netherland’s KLM Pilot Getting Ministry Training

God is raising up Local Leaders in Sweden

Ministry in Russia

Ireland Ministry Training

Romania is Ripe for Revival

Getting Ministry Training in Spain

Free Ministry Training in the Netherlands

Middle East Stories

Effective Free Ministry Training for Qatar

Ministry Training for Turkey

Africa Stories

Free Ministry Training for Zambia

Training Ordained Leaders – Addressing the lack of sound doctrine being taught in Africa

Ministering in Challenging Places for Christianity

Bringing Revival to Liberia

Church Planter in Cameroon

From Polygamous Muslim To Christian Leader In Nigeria

Asia Stories

God Calls Single Woman to Be Missionary in tbe Philippines 

Indonesian Leader Proclaims the Love of Christ in a Challenging Place for Christian Ministry

India Ministry Training Graduate

Thailand Ministry Training

Australia and New Zealand Stories

Housewife in Remote Australia Gets Ministry Training

Man With A PhD Sees the Value of Christian Leaders Institute Training

Young Married Man in New Zeeland Training For Ministry

World Island Stories

Hard to Reach Island of the World Now Have High-Quality Ministry Training

Remote Island Gets Ministry Training

Educated Servant Leader

Educated Servant Leader

Hi, my name is Patrick Kelly, and I want to be an educated servant leader for the Lord. My wife and I live in East Tennessee, but the road God sent me on to get here was winding. I was born in Liberty, New York in 1964. Even though I grew up poor, for the most part, I had a loving family. I was baptized Catholic but not raised in the church. However, I have believed in Jesus for as long as I can remember. But for most of my life, I walked in the world and not with the Lord.

I dropped out of school at age 17 and joined the Marine Corps. During those four years, I deployed twice; one time was to Beruit, Lebanon in 1984. That same year I married my soul mate, Natalie. We were young, me 20 and her 17. Other than surrendering to Christ, marrying Natalie was the greatest thing that’s happened to me. In 1987, we had the first of five children the youngest being born in 2005.

After I got out of the Corps in 1986, I became a New York State Corrections Officer working in the state prisons. When the first Gulf War started in 1991, I went back into the Marine Corps for two plus years. During that tour, I deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia in 1992-93. I got out of the Corps again in 1993, and both my wife and I found employment with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department which we retired from in 2012.

Life Changes and Bible Education with CLI

Growing up poor and spending my adult life under challenging environments, it was easy for me to live in the world and not see God everywhere. Those experiences may have been obstacles at the time, but now God uses them in my maturation as a follower of Christ.

After we retired from Metro, my wife and I and our two children still at home traveled the country in an RV while we homeschooled the kids. We were looking for a place to settle down. God brought us to the mountains of East Tennessee, where we bought a home in 2012. Ending up where we did had to be a God thing since our nearest relative is over 800 miles away. We have a beautiful place on the mountain overlooking the valley. I am 47 years old, retired and not needing to work.

You would think I had everything needed to be happy and content. But no, something was missing. There was a void. We found a small church to attend, and the Pastor took a group to see “God’s Not Dead.” God used that occasion to open my eyes. I opened my heart and surrendered, and everything changed. God filled the void. So for me, my prayer is that Christian Leaders Institute helps me become a more competent follower of Christ so I can be an educated servant leader. I don’t need a degree or a document telling everyone what I’ve done. I want to be a better and educated servant leader.


Learn about ordained minister study programs at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Disciple Training Call

Disciple Training Call

My name is Carly Pinch, and I have a disciple training call on my life. I’m a 17-year-old American and grew up in the church. I made a profession of faith when I was very young. In 2015, I listened to a podcast called The Christian Artist. Over the past years, I became close friends with the hosts, two brothers in Janesville, Wisconsin. Their names are Caleb and Connor, and there is another brother Chase. I went to visit them in the summer of 2018. They encouraged my love for theology and the desire to know more about God’s Word and what it commands of me as a Christian. I’ve been a Calvinist since the beginning of 2018.

I draw and do spoken word as well as enjoy playing RPGs with my friends from the other side of the country. I’m a co-host on the podcast now, and my dream is to be able to continue to do that and ministry evangelism with them after college.

Free Ministry Training at CLI 

This class at Christian Leaders Institute reminded me that we as Christians still need to hear the gospel ourselves, for it is the power of God for salvation. I would identify most with the title of a disciple. I have a disciple training call on me at this time. I desire to help others come to Christ, but I know I can not do it alone.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Washougal, Washington. This area is plagued by depression, anxiety, and suicide even more than other regions of the country. So, that fact makes it difficult to receive any responsiveness to the gospel. There’s much hopelessness. My local church has cared for me in spurring on my interest in right theology and embracing me in fellowship. My dream is more of being uplifted by the local church and being significantly involved in more ministry opportunities.


Learn about ordained minister study programs at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Christian Minister Crisis Training

Free Christian Minister Crisis Training

Hello, my name is Catherine Bowersock, and I need this free Christian minister crisis training at CLI. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Gary, Indiana. I came to Texas in 1979 and stayed here since there is no place like Texas for me. At this time, I attend a Baptist church, and we have an awesome pastor. However, over the years I have attended many different denominational churches and have thoroughly enjoyed each one.

I knew from the time I was a little child that there was a power that protected me. It was not until I was in my teenage years when I discovered that power was Jesus Christ. He has always been with me throughout my life. And, actually, He has saved me from several life-threatening situations. God has always been real to me, even as a child.

Ministry Call and Free Christian Minister Crisis Training

I will use my Christian Leaders Institute free Christian minister crisis training to help young girls and women in crisis. Especially, I am drawn to those girls and women who have been abused, raped, or on drugs. I want to help them reconcile their lives with God with Jesus Christ. Helping them heal and find their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is my ministry dream.

Free Christian minister crisis training is so very necessary for me at this time in my life. My husband and I live on a very limited income. Christian Leaders Institute training will give me the opportunity to pursue my ministry call. I thank the Christian Leaders Institute for offering this wonderful Christ led and Spirit-filled opportunity. May God’s blessing be upon you always, in all ways.

Learn about ordination and ordained minister study programs at the Christian Leaders Alliance.