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Course Descriptions

Getting Started Class: Reproducible Walk With God and Christian Basics  CLI Professors (7 credits)  This course gets you started. This course is the core orientation to Christian Leaders Institute (CLI), where you meet some of the leaders…


Third Semester courses September-November First Semester courses January -March Second Semester courses May -July

Statement of Faith

The Bible is God’s inerrant Word, the only final authority for faith and life. (Proverbs 30:5-6; Isaiah 8:20; John 10:35; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:21) God is Trinity, an eternal, loving unity of three divine Persons: Father, Son, and…

Becoming a Pastor Through Christian Leaders Institute

Becoming a pastor is an aspiration of many perspective students when they find Christian Leaders Institute. Becoming a pastor can be done without ministry training, but those pastors who have the ministry training are benefited greatly. Solid…

Certificate and Diploma Levels

Here are the award levels at Christian Leaders Institute. Each award builds from basic to more advanced awards depending on your goals. Christian Leaders Basics Certificate (7 Credits) Students enter Christian Leaders Institute (CLI)…


Virtual Classroom Information When you study with CLI, your computer brings the classroom to you. Quicktime Adobe Flash Player Quicktime or Flash player will enable you to view video lectures during each course. Word Processor You…

Course Catalog

Course Catalog -Christian Leaders Institute offers a Bible School presents this current course catalog On-line study. We highly recommend that you are connected to local mentors and sponsors to open even more doors in your ministry training. Getting…

Ministry Training 3rd Semester 2014

Ministry Training  at Christian Leaders Institute for the third semester 2014 includes many classes for those accepted into our program. This ministry training begins with taking the Getting Started Class. This class lays a great foundation…

Online Pastor Training – 2nd Semester

Online Pastor training at Christian Leaders Institute for the second semester 2013 includes 15 free seminary classes for those accepted into our program. This online pastor training begins with taking the Getting Started Class. This class lays…

Online Seminary Early Start Ministry Classes

Online Seminary Classes Online seminary classes are available to you tuition free. You will start with the “Getting Started Class.”  These classes officially begin next semester, but you can start them now. This gives you more time to…


2015 August Language Translation – French August 2015 Newsletter

2015 October Van Gelder Endorsement and Stories of Impact October 2015 Newsletter



Christian Leaders Institute asks graduates to tell their stories. These stories come from graduates in many places of the world. Each story represents a sampling of what God is accomplishing through Christian Leaders Institute. These are only a small portion of the thousands of stories that have been submitted.

North America Stories

Single Father Prepares for Ministry

Francis tells of how God uses a CLI graduate to bring her to Christ. Now she too is a graduate.

Helping Young People Get on Fire for God! 

Canada Woman Shares Story of Overcoming Disablities and Abuse Ready for Ministry Training

Ex-prostitute training at CLI to be a street preacher in Detroit

Small Town Girl Has Big Ministry Dreams

Blind Man is Given Opportunity for Minsitry Training

Central and South America Stories

Brazil Needs Ministry Training

Evangelist In The Making For Future Panama Revival

Colombia Ministry Training

Europe Stories

European Soccer Star Gets Ministry Training

Free United Kingdom Church Planter Training

Netherland’s KLM Pilot Getting Ministry Training

God is raising up Local Leaders in Sweden

Ministry in Russia

Ireland Ministry Training

Romania is Ripe for Revival

Getting Ministry Training in Spain

Free Ministry Training in the Netherlands

Middle East Stories

Effective Free Ministry Training for Qatar

Ministry Training for Turkey

Africa Stories

Free Ministry Training for Zambia

Training Ordained Leaders – Addressing the lack of sound doctrine being taught in Africa

Ministering in Challenging Places for Christianity

Bringing Revival to Liberia

Church Planter in Cameroon

From Polygamous Muslim To Christian Leader In Nigeria

Asia Stories

God Calls Single Woman to Be Missionary in tbe Philippines 

Indonesian Leader Proclaims the Love of Christ in a Challenging Place for Christian Ministry

India Ministry Training Graduate

Thailand Ministry Training

Australia and New Zealand Stories

Housewife in Remote Australia Gets Ministry Training

Man With A PhD Sees the Value of Christian Leaders Institute Training

Young Married Man in New Zeeland Training For Ministry

World Island Stories

Hard to Reach Island of the World Now Have High-Quality Ministry Training

Remote Island Gets Ministry Training

Free Bible Education

Free Bible Education

My name is Leigh Ann Ogerly and I am receiving free Bible education at Christian Leaders Institute. I am from a small town in West Texas, USA. My mother was raised in a Church of Christ and my father was raised in a Lutheran Church. My ancestors on my father’s side are all German and they only attended a Lutheran church. Some of them even helped build one in East Texas that is still standing and has attendance every Sunday. I basically attended both churches. My parents wanted to me to know the Lord, so we attended every Sunday to either one or the other. As I got older they let me go to church with friends (this is also a way of helping your friends get into a going with them). I was baptized in my teens at a Baptist Church, however my father was not too happy about it because all of my older siblings were baptized in the Lutheran Church. I did accept Jesus Christ and knew what it meant to get baptized. However, I must admit that was not the only reason. There was a production called Heavens Gates and Hells Flames. Now that scared me. I did not want to go to hell. I had plenty of discussions with the youth minister about it.

Is my calling to minister? I am not sure of that yet. I think if I were to be called to minister, it would be to the youth if that is where God wants me to go. Right now, I am setting a better foundation with Christ. I want to know Him more, be more knowledgeable. If this leads me to ministry and God wants me in ministry, then ministry it will be. I need to learn the basics and be educated on His word, His work and what He is telling me to do. I am thankful for this opportunity at Christian Leaders Instituteto learn more about Him and where He desires me to serve Him.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Women Ministry Dream

Women Ministry Dream

My name is Samantha Ann Kaiba. I live in the United States of America. I have loved Jesus since I was a small child. I knew there was someone bigger and better than me. I knew that He created me and that He loves me. I have a women ministry dream and have been trying to find a place to take classes that would teach me more about God.

When I was living in Oregon state a woman preacher came to my church. She was doing the sermon one Sunday. She was a person that wanted us to have some information that would help us with our walk with God. She said, “Since I was a teenager, I have been running after Jesus. I get right after him no matter what.” That stuck with me –  running after Jesus no matter what. I liked that. So I started looking for ways to run after Jesus. I want to know everything there is to know about Jesus. I am going to use my ministry training from Christian Leaders Institute in women’s ministry and to start a counseling ministry. It is my women ministry dream to help people. I want to do this through ministry because Jesus put it on my heart as a teenager.

The CLI scholarship is important to me because I don’t have a lot of money to spend on school. I wanted a great Christian education. People need to know that you have the skills to help them. Just getting an online minister ordination for a fee does not show this. I want to thank Christian Leaders Institute for giving me this opportunity. I will work hard. I want to be the best leader in women’s ministry I can be. I just pray that God will open doors for me to help other women.

People are out there in this world and do not know the Lord. They may not even know where to look. There are so many false teachers out there. I am glad to be training at a place I know I can trust. I did a lot of praying before starting this class I just completed because I needed to know that this is where God wants me to be.

I thank the Lord Jesus for this school. If you really want to know where to go to learn, Christian Leaders Institute will teach you what you need to know. God bless Christian Leaders Institute and those involved with this great school!

Learn about ecuministry ordination at Christian Leaders Institute.