Helping children is a popular cause today. Almost everyone wants to get in on it. Food… clothes… families… All of these things are important. But all of these would be worthless without the most important thing you can have in life. That’s why Chukwudi Okonkwo is helping children in the U.K. medically, and he’s helping them by bringing the good news of Jesus Christ into their lives.

My name is Chukwudi Obiajulu Okonkwo, I am 30 yrs old. My wife Carmina and I have a son. We live in Nottingham, United Kingdom and attend a local bible believing church. I am a Medical Doctor.

I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I was 16years old, having been a very religious person. But understanding that religion cannot save me, I surrendered my life to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on the 12th November, 2001 in the children ministry of my church. I got baptized in the Holy Spirit, 2days later. And I have been in Ministry, since that day.

God is calling me into Medical Missions. Helping children born with birth abnormalities, telling their parents about the Love of Jesus Christ, catering for the less privileged children and directing them to Jesus Christ. I also have this knowing in my spirit that I will be planting churches along the way and also to serve God in any other way He desires, I am just a vessel. I also crave to know God better, and acquire a deeper spiritual understanding of his ways and precepts.

God has called me lead. Whatever office attached to my calling will not make me a good leader. His gifts and power in me will. However, I am sure He has called me to Pastor and Plant churches. To teach His word and shepherd His flock, planting Bible believing churches along the way. The call of God upon my life is a growing conviction that I couldn’t ignore. God confirming His call with the presence of gifts, fruits of influence, abiding sense of His call and His sufficient grace upon my life.

I live in a place where people are either religious, do not want to hear anything about God or are too busy for God, so this is the challenge in England. By the grace of God, I have served in different capacities in my former church both as an Assistant Pastor and a Pastor. Currently I serve as a Minister in my church, leading Prayers, helping with the Holy Communion and any other duty assigned by the Pastor or Head Minister.

Being Bi-vocational and also not having enough resources to pursue a paid accredited program, CLI is an answer to my prayer. Seeking God’s face and asking Him to make a way, He did make a way. CLI became the instrument He used to see me through. With CLI, I will gain formal training in minisry, get a deeper knowledge of God’s word and finally will be able to Get approval to Minister in some places or reach out to some people which required Ministry Education. CLI, has helped me fill in these gaps. Please, join me in praying for guidance in my life, that the Lord will order my steps, and make my family ready for the task ahead, that He will always open my eyes to the truth of His word. That He will also open doors for me to be able to start the further training that will help me take care of children born with birth abnormalities. That He will also guide me to correctly choose the right courses I need to grow in His calling. A million thanks to CLI.

Are you called to join the thousands of Christian leaders in ministry around the world? Perhaps helping children isn’t your ministry vision, or perhaps it is. Regardless of what vision God has given you, the free ministry training courses at CLI can help you be effective in your calling and service to the Lord. Click here to enroll in classes today.

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