Furthering My Education at CLI

My name is Abigail Trostel, and I am furthering my education at CLI. From beautiful rural Ohio, USA, I have always embraced academics and have a passion for education and learning. I was born and raised in a Christian family. At the age of 13, after doubting the validity of the faith, the Lord showed Himself to me. I knew that He is indeed real and genuine. I confessed my faith in Him and received Him as my Savior.

When I met my husband around the age of 20, God used him to give me a more profound revelation of genuinely knowing Jesus. I plunged into a lifestyle of seeking after Him and living a life for Him. I attended college during high school, receiving an associate’s degree shortly after. After getting married to my husband, I took off the last 16 years to stay at home and raise our children, including home educating them.

Furthering My Education

Recently, I went back to school and finished my bachelor’s degree. Now I am working to obtain a teaching license. It is humbling to set your career and personal ambitions aside to focus most of your life on your husband and children. It is humbling to be utterly dependent on your husband to take care of you while you work in your home, especially in an age where being a homemaker is not the cultural norm. We needed the Lord to provide for this lifestyle, and He always has. One of the obstacles of growing into maturity is that we moved so many times, which created a challenge of getting plugged into a church body.

My Spiritual Dream

Thankfully, Christianity is freely practiced where I live. My spiritual dream is to mother, mentor, and teach. Our culture is in desperate need of spiritual mamas and papas. By God’s grace, He has given me the ability to be a safe place that provides a life-giving covering. There, those that I mother can flourish.

Secondly, I have teaching talents. I cherish the gift of being able to homeschool my children and teach everything from the foundation of God’s Word. There is no neutrality in all the spheres of education. Every teacher incorporates a worldview into what they are teaching. So, one is either basing it on the authority of God’s Word, or they are not. I believe in the merit of education as a teacher and as a student.

Furthering My Education at CLI

Furthering my education at Christian Leaders Institute will promote my credentials as I reach out to get involved in ministering. As I begin to explore opportunities to mentor and teach, I want to become more established in being a Christian leader. A scholarship for education is a blessing as I am still a homemaker and not currently earning an income to pay for college courses.

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the Christian Leaders College.

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